Some Random Thoughts + Early Fall Muses

September 23, 2021


Ooops, I took a little over a month off from writing on my blog and wow, I am always surprised by how much I miss just sharing my thoughts, dreams, sources of inspiration and ideas with you guys. This truly is a therapeutic outlet for me, just like dancing. But again and again, I talk myself out of sharing so many posts that are on my heart because I just get in my head and guess what, can I be a cold-hearted Capricorn bitch who talks myself out of doing a lot of things I love. Yeah - I'm working on it in therapy. 

But this isn't meant to be an emotional post today. Don't worry, I've cried a minimum of 5 times this week. One of those times occurred on a plane so yeah, it's safe to say my mental health has been teetering towards rock bottom and an emotional post is n the agenda for next week. Surprisingly, today's post is actually being written from a place of excitement, inspiration and awe. I guess you could say there's literally something in the air, because it feels like full-on fall in the city and it is exactly what the f*ck my soul needed! 

There are so many little and luxe things I want to implement into my life this season to have a happy fall. I want to be frugal, yet fashionable. I want to splurge and I want to save. And I want to create life-long memories with my loved ones. And the fact that I am still excited for so many things this season while dealing with some major b.s. in life means that I am seriously leveling up. In the past, bullshit has knocked me flat on my butt. But now I'm like naw, I'm going to endure the mess life is throwing at me, geet to work, fix the things I don't like about my life and look fabulous while doing so. After all, half the game is not knowing what the heck is going on but showing up in a confident state anyway. 

I don't really know how this intro has anything to do with my current fall muse board, but I really just wanted to catch up. I missed talking to you. And I hope this sage/jewel-toned mood board fills you with the same inspiration and excitement it brings me. Cheers to us feeling mysterious, sexy, powerful and luxurious this season. 

And thank you for spending a moment of your day to read and support my site. It truly means the world to me. Until next time my friend 

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