We're Gonna Be Alight: Friendless in a New City

July 1, 2016

    Photo By: Rob Bye

Life has been a little rough since graduation. I moved to NYC in mid-June and have been hustling to try to find a job. At first, I was really discouraged about moving to a city with little money, a small amount of friends and no source of income. But while I was in a coffee shop near Soho the other day preparing for a coffee date, I realized something: this detour in my plan of world donation is a gift. I
went through this once before. When I was a freshman in high school, most of my friends were all involved the same after-school activity. This activity basically consumed their lives, which left me pretty much all alone on the weekends. This was when I discovered the fashion and beauty world on Youtube. There was a nagging little voice in my head telling me to become part of this community. To create meaningful content and use the platform to forge new relationships, but I didn't have the confidence to sit in front of a camera and share my passion with strangers. This lack of confidence stopped me from experiencing amazing opportunities, and I still regret allowing my fear to control me. Now I feel a need to contribute to the fashion, beauty and lifestyle industry through this blog, and the lack of social invitations and not having a traditional nine-to-five is providing me with an opportunity to dedicate more time to this creative outlet. Maybe I need this break to realize what I truly want out of life. I know I'll land a job in fashion PR soon and be able to slightly afford a social life, but until then. I'm going to utilize all of this free time to hustle and grind. If you are experiencing a unwanted detour like me, here is a typical breakdown of how I spend my day in order to move closer to my goals:

1. Wake up and meditate
2. Exercise
3. Breakfast
4. Listen to a motivational podcast or video while I get ready for the day
4. Check my email
5. Apply for jobs
6. Reach out to people I want to connect with and set up coffee dates
7. Work on my blog
8. Work on my personal branding
9. Challenge myself to go out and explore

I'm getting better about exploring new areas around me. I'm lucky enough to live in the greatest city on earth where there is something new around every corner. I just need to build up the nerve to start doing more things on my own. If you are friendless in a new city or all of your friends just moved away, I challenge you to  do the same. Together we will survive and come out stronger than ever.

Help me out and give me some tips down below. How do you guys deal with drastic change in your social life?


Disclaimer: I do have some amazing friends in the city, like my friend Kaitlyn who let me crash at her her place for a month, but everyone in this city is crazy busy with work and the friendship circles they've already established. That is why I believe in having multiple groups of friends. If you depend on a few key people, you are limiting the amount of awesome experiences you could be having.

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  1. You're so motivating Nia! You really have been such a huge influence on how I've pursued my career and future. Miss having lunch at the house with you but that's ok because we'll catch up on drinks and dinner in the city this week! Keep up all your hard work. I promise it will pay off! LITB


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