Faith, Trust and Fairy Star Dust

April 7, 2024

 “Even through your hardest days, remember we are all made of stardust.”  Carl Sagan

Spring is such a whimsical and magical season. It is a season full of hope, dreams and desires. And as I emerge from a brutal episode of the winter blues (thanks to seasonal depression), my heart is filled with so much optimism and restored faith in myself. I'm coming back home to myself. I'm intentionally starting each day with a series of positive affirmations because I need to be my biggest cheerleader if I want to create what my definition of a beautiful life will be. 

But pouring positive, self-love into myself isn't always easy. In fact, most of the time, it's really f*cking hard. I have centuries of toxic beliefs I'm fighting against - all of which tell me I'm not good enough. The societal pressures that we as women withstand can be soul-crushing. But the older I get, the more I reject what society says and lean more into following my passion. My heart's desires, and frankly - not giving a flying f*ck who looks down upon me for not following the "timeline" that our culture tries to force upon us as women. I want a magical life, full of wonder, and awe, and slow, intentional, beautiful moments. 

I watched Wish, the new Disney movie, this afternoon, and I know it was created to entertain children, but it was the beautiful reminder that I needed today. There is so much pain in the world, and life will always throw us curveballs, but there is so much joy all around us too. I've spent the last few years of my life in complete terror thinking that I'll never achieve the deepest desires in my heart. For some reason, I thought my depression was going to rob me of creating a fulfilling life. 

But as I prioritize my mental and physical well-being, and I focus on consuming uplifting content, I am reminded that everything I need to live a fulfilling life is already inside of me! I just need to have faith in myself (and God since I am Christian, but substitute in your source of spirituality here). I need to trust myself - aka know that I'll always show up for myself and can count on myself. And lately, I need to remember that I am made out of magical stardust. We all are. 

Just being alive in this sometimes scary but still quite beautiful and loving world is an act of magic. And we are our purest source of abundance as long as we learn to take care of ourselves and fill our days (and our minds) with self-love. I'm so excited to get to work and start creating a wonderful new chapter that will lead to la dolce vita. Sending you lots of love. XOXO 

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