Wanderlust: Budget Friendly Vacation Outfits and Travel Tips

February 22, 2018

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Do you ever close your eyes and dream of being somewhere else? Somewhere warm, where there's a plethora of sunshine? Maybe you're on a boat, or maybe you're exploring a tropical island? Well I have been mentally checking out and going to my happy place every damn day for the past few weeks. I don't know how to express how done I am with this winter weather here in the greatest city on Earth, aka NYC. So to feed my wanderlust, I've been looking at beautiful places and beautiful clothes to wear to those beautiful places. Why? Because I'll be damned if I don't look fresh as hell during my next jetsetter adventure. Life is too short to not dress up and have fun every so often, so if you're planning for a dreamy, warm vacay, I hope this mood board, wish list and savvy traveler tips give your trip that extra dash of sparkle and magic you deserve.

Let me know in the comments below if you have a fun trip planned for the spring, and leave your vote for where I should save up to jet off to next! Thanks for taking a moment out of your day to check out my blog, and if you decide to shop from the affiliate links, I truly appreciate your support. Have a magical day, and remeber, traveling the world is easier than you think; you just have to plan and save for it!

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3 Flirty Valentine's Day Outfits + 7 Unexpected Galentine's And Date Night Ideas

February 9, 2018

Hey ladies! Today I wanted to share 3 easy Valentine's Day outfits with you. I wanted to give you guys a lot of options no matter how you're spending the day. So whether you're just heading to and from work, going to a fancy dinner with your boo, or hitting the streets with your girl gang, I hope these outfits inspire you to dress to kill... after all, Valentine's day is all about being extra. It's fun to be over-the-top everyone once in a while. Life is too short to not go all out. If you're still not convinced that Valentine's Day is lit, here are seven reasons why I love this time of year AND seven alternative ways to celebrate the day that isn't obnoxiously cliche. 

7 reasons why I love Valentine's Day

1. It's the perfect excuse to get dressed up and wear a lot of pink and red. We don't have to get dressed up for anyone else other than ourselves because it makes us feel confident. 
2. If you're single, you can’t be judged for treating yourself all day long. You can give yourself everything you want in this world. You don't have to wait for someone else to give it to you.
3. We can go out for a Galentine's brunch, dinner, night out, whatever! Valentine's day is all about celebrating the love and beauty that's surrounded by all of us. 
4. We can make cute gift baskets for our loved ones. 
5. This day is an excuse to do all the romantic ish we usually think is overboard. 
6. We have another excuse to buy fun holiday d├ęcor – aka the Target dollar section. It NEVER disappoints me. #TargetForLife
7. Love is the most important thing on the planet, so a day that celebrates loving and cherishing each and every person in your life is something to get excited about!

7 alternative ways to celebrate 
1. Galentine's brunch. This is a great way to celebrate with your friends over the weekend. A pitcher of mimosas is always a great idea. Plus, this is another reason to get dressed up and day drink (or be healthy and skip the alcohol). Regardless, you'll have a grand ole time. 

2. GNI - Have a girl's night in and cook together, watch your favorite movies or create burn books of lovers past if you still feel some type of way about them. I've never done this, but I have to admit that it sounds pretty therapeutic. We're allowed to be petty every once in a while... as long as you do so in private and don't try to hurt or publicly shame anyone. 

3. Themed dinner party. You can go to a restaurant with your SO any day of the week, so why not make today special and go to a themed dinner party or host one for you and your friends. If you need inspiration, play a game like in that one episode of The Office where Michael forces everyone to play "Murder in Savannah" with him. I've always wanted to do something like that. 

4. Have a paint and wine party. There are a ton of places that offer these types of classes or pick up some paint, wine, and canvases to enjoy at home. 

5. Take a salsa dance lesson with your SO. This is a fun and flirty way to connect with your boo in an unexpected way. Just think about the beautiful red dresses you could wear to these classes! And if you're single, this could be a fun way to meet and flirt with new people. Go get em, tiger!

6. Rent out a BYOB Karaoke room for you and your crew. 

7. And last, but not least, if you have money to blow and want to make this Valentine's Day one to remember, take a romantic helicopter ride around the city. If you live in or near a major city like NYC or ATL, you can find really affordable deals.  

Work Wear Outfit

Just because Valentine's Day is in the middle of the year, there's no reason for us to not be festive at our 9-5s. Hey, it might even make your time in the office a little more fun if you're not so into your job. What I really love about this outfit is that it's not too over-the-top for the office. If you have a meeting at work, or don't want to look like Barbie in front of your co-workers, this shirt adds a fun twist to your outfit without drawing too much attention to yourself. P.S. This post contains affiliate links! 

I'm wearing a size large. In my opinion, button-down tops always look better tucked into something high-waisted. So grab a high-waisted pencil skirt or pair of jeans, some black or red pumps and some red lipstick. Now you're all set for the office. 

A Dress That Devastates 

I'm not ashamed to admit that I love red. I get this rush of confidence when I wear this color. It's bold, flirty and flattering on almost all skin tones. If you have a reason to get dolled up on Valentine's Day, I recommend wearing a red dress. The one I have on was on sale at Express for only $25, and it fits true to size. 

I definitely suggest wearing some shapewear under this dress since it's form-fitting. And you can pick up some decent shapewear for $10-$15 at Target or invest in a pair of Spanks. They will serve you for years to come. 

One more style tip I have for wearing red dresses, if you have a large chest like me and can't go braless, wear a red bra underneath. If you're bra strap ends up showing, it blends right in with the dress and is way less noticeable. 
Pink + Red 

I love color blocking with pink and red. I find it hard to wear these two colors together year round, but February is the perfect opportunity to pair these colors together. This outfit is great for dinner with your crew, a movie date with your SO, a night out on the town and everything in between. 

No matter how you spend this holiday, I hope you're day is full of love and joy. I know this sounds corny, and I'm rolling my eyes as I type it, but you always have someone special in your life because you'll always have yourself. It's true. No one has the power to love yourself more than you do or knows what's best for you like you do. 

Don't forget to celebrate yourself and everyone whom you care about this month. I know your day will be magical, and thanks for taking some time to read this long post. I appreciate you more than you know. Until Next time! 

February Mood Board

February 6, 2018

So far, 2018 has felt ... weird. I'm not exactly sure why, but I know I want to be more present than I was in January. I'll admit that I was in a daze in January, but I refuse to let life keep passing me by. I’m a little in shock that it’s already February. There’s a lot I should focus on this month. But honestly, I already need a mini vacation. So this month, I’m focusing on two things: celebrating any and every obstacle I overcome (no matter how small it is) and checking my judgmental attitude at the front door. I want to judge myself and others waaaayyy less than I do. Should I eat cleaner and stop binge-watching Netflix shows after a long day of work? Yep, but like I said, I really need a vacation and self-forgiveness for my slip-ups. That's why I’m channeling flow and ease this month. I'm still going to push myself to keep moving towards my goals, but I'm finally accepting that my timeline might not be the same as God's timeline. Great things take time, and we are allowed to take pit stops on our journey towards our dreams. Less stress and more fun! That sounds like a much better life than stress, stress, stress and a little bit of fun every now and then. It's all just a balancing act, and once we find the right balance between work and play, we'll feel more aligned and have more energy to get the important things done. It just takes time to figure it out. Afterall "perseverance is a great substitute for talent" - Steve Martin 

So now I want to hear from you! What are you guys focusing on this month? No matter what goals you set for yourself, I know you'll create the magical life you want. You know you deserve it. And I can't thank you enough for taking time out of your day to read this little note from me. Wishing you a day full of flow, ease and happiness! Until next time. 

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