Summer Musings

June 19, 2023

Sweet summer is upon us once again, and my top priority for the season is focusing on the here and now while being grateful for everything that is in my life. And let me tell you, I've been working hard to stay in an abundant mindset. I'm talking daily journaling, affirmation card readings, prayer sessions, and mental health workshops because everyone says consistency is key. And I hate to admit it.. but "they" are right. 

So although my life is farrr from perfect, I am finding beauty in every single day I am blessed enough to walk this earth. There are so many small, frugal ways to add luxury into our lives - and for me, luxury leads to the feeling of abundance. 

A Venti Camel Cream Ice Cold Brew coffee from Starbucks fills me with so much joy, especially when paired with an inspiring podcast and a long walk on the waterfront boardwalk in jersey city. 

Cooking pasta while drinking an Aperol Spritz and enjoying the meal on my rooftop with a white table cloth and candles to set the ambiance. 

Reading a juicy book under a shady tree in the park with a fresh bowl of fruit

Watching the sunset while I paint outside

These are some of my favorite ways to add luxury and get into a state of abundance. As I count down the days until my European getaway, I am adding sweet and simple traditions to my life. Because summer is meant to be thoroughly enjoyed. It's a season of adventure, wanderlust, and play. So cheers to acting up, acting out, and showing ourselves all the love we need. 

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