Weekly Finds: Budget Friendly Flirty Maxi & Midi Skirts/Dresses

May 15, 2019

Photo by Mary Skovpen

I've recently become obsessed with midi and maxi skirts. I love how elegant and classy they are. And after I saw this video of Brighton Kheller in this Reformation skirt with a high slit, I fell in love!! I've been thinking about this skirt for a few weeks - wanting it but not wanting to drop that much dough on a singular skirt (although Reformation is a sustainable website, and I'm sure I would wear this lovely piece a ton this summer on dates and frolicking around the city), so I've been on the hunt for a dupe. Then, my brilliant friend MaryAshlyn told me that she found a skirt just like it on Shein.

I had completely forgotten to look there. And guess what y'all,  I found a pretty great dupe for a fraction of the price. I found a few other amazing pieces during my massive hunt as well and thought I would share. These prices are super affordable if you're on a really tight budget like I am. One day, I would love to evolve away from purchasing fast fashion clothing, but for now, my budget isn't large enough to only shop at sustainable stores. So if you're looking for a few budget-friendly and cute pieces, check out the highlighted items below. I already purchased my favorite pieces below (will share a review when they arrive) and I'll be rewarding myself with some of the other items after I meet various financial, career and health goals this month. What goals are you going to reward yourself for this month?

P.S., be sure to read the reviews and look at the clothing measurements for each item. This is key when ordering from a wholesale site like Shein, and don't forget to check out their plus size section where there are similar styles!

I also wanted to share this amazing green polka dot dress with you guys. It captured my roommate's and my heart! So obviously I bought it. Let me know if you love it as much as we do. I am a sucker for maxi dresses with flirty elements like a wrap neckline and a high slit. This dress was too good to pass up.

Link Here 

 As always, thanks for reading this post and supporting me. I truly do love you.

Sunday Reads: Health, Wealth and Love

May 12, 2019

Photo by Henry & Co.

Hi Guys,

I hope you had a wonderful week! Here are a few interesting articles I found on the web this week. I hope you grab a cup of tea and enjoy diving into the links below this evening. And if you’re a GOT fan like me, let’s pray we don’t lose any of our favorite characters this episode… but let’s be honest, Game of Thrones has never cared about sparing our emotions lol.  

  • Save Our Planet - this was a really informative article about the fabrics our clothes are made out of, how they impact the earth, and what fabrics to shop for instead

  • Mental Health Talk - This article is for all of my fellow women of color. Mental Health care is typically frowned upon in our communities. I know I was told to just “pray more” while growing up when I asked my parents if I could go to therapy… not the most helpful advice when tackling mental illnesses. Healthy mind = healthy life #blackgirlmagic

  • My favorite open, honest and relatable people on Instagram
    • Hayet Rida - I've been following her for years and her entertaining, honest and uplifting content - especially her IG Stories have helped me get through a lot! I have an entire powerpoint of screenshots of the advice and quotes she shares.
    • A Cup of Charisma - I was watching her IG Stories at my desk at work and started crying. Her stories happened to hit a raw nerve with me that day, but I love that Jillian always shares her highs and lows. Plus, she's a huge advocate for mental wellness, just like Hayet.

  • Currently Craving: seashells! I want these earrings; maybe I'll buy them next week.

  • Growing Pains- Apparently our 20s are supposed to be hard.
    • I loved how raw and honest these posts below were. They touche on so many points that I really relate to. So far my 20s have been freaking hard (losing my dad, graduating college without a job, my brother being diagnosed with an insane disease and constantly being rushed to the hospital, moving to NYC and dealing with mice, bedbugs and evil landlords, money and career struggles, dating all the wrong men, learning to let go of relationships that no longer serve me, adjusting to being single again, battling and getting treated for depression- therapy is the freaking best, having a quarter-life crisis…this list could go on and on lol) but these experiences are making me tough as fuck. I hope these articles I’ve linked resonate as much with you as they did with me. We are all struggling with something and learning how to grow from it.

  • Wanderlust: Uh, I have a huge travel bug right now and want to check out these colorful places.

Weekly Highs and Lows

This week was transformative; that’s the most positive word I could think of. Despite being terrified of a lot of different things (some in my control and some out of my control). This week was not amazing, and I’m ok admitting that. I’m learning to accept that life is ½ negative and ½ positive. I will have hard weeks; we all will. And that’s kind of a blessing because these shitty ass times make us so much stronger. I have a lot of changes to make in my life - and I’m excited about that. I want to take actions that move me closer to my goals, and going back to therapy this week was the first step in doing so. I am so grateful that I am able to afford therapy (right now I’m using Better Help, which is quite budget friendly). I’m grateful to have the guidance of a much wiser person who can help me reflect on the errors of my past. Now, I’m able to apply those lessons and create a happier future for myself. No matter what the future entails, we are all capable of figuring it out. Wishing you a lovely Sunday and Mother’s Day - make sure to do something extra special for your mom and for yourself this evening. Even if it’s just ordering your favorite food and watching something hilarious - after all, laughter is the best medicine and my favorite coping mechanism for growing during hard times.

Thank you so much for reading this. Your love and support mean the world to me.

Food For Thought: A Note on Ambition

April 17, 2019

Photo By: John Parkinson III
One of my favorite podcasts - the life coach school podcast - has an episode about ambition that really challenged the way I look at ambition and the reasons why I pursue the things I do. I get so much value from this podcast. Not because I want to become a life coach, but because it focuses on teaching the tools we need to cultivate our minds and control our thoughts and emotions. And since our emotions influence our actions, really this podcast is teaching us how to develop discipline so we can achieve our goals.

I’ve always been a pretty ambitious and driven person. I thrive when I’m in that state, but I never realized the key problematic factors that Brooke points out and anyone who’s ambitious should address.

There’s one question that she repeats during the podcast that made me stop and pause while on my commute to work, “why are you ambitious or why aren’t you ambitious?”

For me, the answer to this question has changed over the years. I used to be ambitious because I thought I had to be an overachiever in order to be valued and to be important. This was not a healthy attitude because I was driven by fear and the belief that I wasn't good enough unless I was achieving great things. And that’s not a sustainable driving factor. This fear led to burnout and depression: two things I’m still actively working to recover from.

And this lead to an interesting chapter in my life... the lack of ambition... because I stopped believing I was capable of getting what I wanted, so I avoided (and have recently been avoiding) taking massive action. This is a mindset I'm battling every day so I can get back to the version of me that follows through on my word to myself... for myself and myself alone.

But then there was this other point that Brooke made that completely disturbed my previous ideas about ambition, success, and achievement. She believes (and I now believe this too) that if you're ambitions because you think you’ll be happier once you achieve x y & z, you’re going to be disappointed. You might be coming from a place of lack instead of learning to be at peace in the moment - and we all know we aren’t promised another moment on this earth, so we should take advantage of the moments we do have.

Fuck... that’s exactly how I’ve lived my entire life!! By chasing external achievements, expecting to be happy when I make a certain salary, find the love of my life, live in that dream apartment/townhome, don’t have to stress about money, am completely debt-free, etc... If I work hard enough, all of these problems will disappear, and I’ll live happily ever after, right? Hahahaha wrong Nia.

Now don’t get me wrong, I will never give up on my dreams and desires. I’ve taken breaks from massively pursuing my goals, but I’ve never given up on them because when I’m growing and overcoming obstacles, that’s when I feel the most inspired, invigorated and fulfilled. Being ambitious is not the issue. Being ambitious because I want to contribute to the world and continue to grow into the person I want to be is a goal I’m very proud of. But when my ambition is driven by lack and fear (aka two things that have been trying to run my life for the past 3 years) and because I think that once I achieve that goal, I’ll finally be happy, that’s when my mental, spiritual and physical health starts to deteriorate. That’s when I start being cruel to myself and telling myself that I have to push harder in order to be worthy of success and love and happiness. But I am already worthy of those things. You are already worthy of those things too.

My main goal of the year was to grow my business, but now my main goal is to stop looking outside myself for fulfillment and a sense of purpose. My name literally means purpose afterall, and I believe our purpose is to focus on becoming the best version of ourselves, regardless of what other people think or say.  I want to create a tiered business that serves others, but I want to do so from a place of love, contribution and peace, not from a place of fear, misery or selfishness. And I can’t do that until I heal my relationship with myself. This podcast is helping me do just that. It is a daily reminder that I should let go of shaming myself for not being ”perfect” and not being “good enough”.

This podcast is just one of the critical tools that’s helping me actually learn how to love myself. While I’m learning to love all parts of myself, I’m also learning to appreciate the discomfort that comes with growing into the best version of myself. And that’s a beautiful thing.

Thank you for letting me share my thoughts with you today. I hope you related to something in this post today and feel less alone/scared if you've been battling the same sense of scarcity and fear as I have. I’d love to hear what you’re trying to achieve, whether it’s career-oriented, health-oriented or romance-oriented, ambition can impact every area of our lives. But most importantly, I'd like to hear why you are pursuing that dream. Our job is to make sure that we are pursuing those ambitions for the right reasons. Thanks again for reading. Your support means the world to me. Be sure to leave a comment letting me know your thoughts about the podcast episode linked below! Until next time my friend.


Sunday Reads: Happy Spring!

April 7, 2019

Photo by Alina Stiba 

Hi friends,

I'm happy to be back. Sorry, I took a break from the blog last week; I just couldn't make myself write, even though I really wanted to. But instead of beating myself up all week long, I only beat myself up part of the week for blowing off my responsibilities... LOL progress. But hey, baby steps in the right direction add up quickly. I'm proud of myself for not degrading myself all week long for not hitting all of my goals last week. And now it's spring in the city. If you've never been to NYC, Jersey City or Hoboken, I highly recommend making the trip. The weather is actually perfect right now, everyone is a little bit nicer on the sidewalk and rooftops are opening back up for the year.

Between grabbing a great book or inspiring magazine to read along the river or in the park, listening to a stimulating or hilarious podcast while walking around the neighborhood or taking an outside workout class, Spring offers so many opportunities to do small things by yourself, for yourself that feed your soul. I think it's vital to soak up as much sun as possible (while wearing sunscreen of course) while we can before it gets too hot to go on a 20-minute walk without melting. I hope you make sometime this week to go on an evening walk or spend some time in the park next weekend. Scheduling short little breaks are some of my favorite ways to reset and escape the stress of the work week. I hope it works for you too. Now on to the things that caught my eye on the web this week. I hope you can relax and dive into these links below. Happy Sunday my friend.

  • Do Good: I've been wanting to spend more time giving back to my local community, and I want to check out some of these volunteer opportunities in Hoboken and Jersey City. 
  • Shopping Cart - Barcelona Edition: 
    • There are a few things I want to pick up before my trip to Barcelona at the end of this month. I really need comfy, white sneakers, and these have great reviews! I love Soludos; I have an amazing pair of wedges that are super cute and comfortable, so I have faith in these shoes
    • I really want this romantic red top for Spain. 
  • Safe Travels: This article has so many good tips for staying safe while traveling as a woman globe trotter! 
  • In My Hood: I am dying to check out this new restaurant/bar in Hoboken! I'm getting good vibes from the photos. I also am so excited to check out this new food hall in my area! I'm gonna f**k some ish up when I go there and eat everything. 
  • Live Well: I want to check out these wellness books and documentaries that The Fox and She recommended
  • Menu: Uh, I am so excited to cook this! I'm trying to switch to a low card diet/lifestyle and this sounds and looks delicious! 
    • Speaking of low carb diets, I'm probably going to buy this "bowl cookbook" by this blogger who we've worked with at my company for a few years. It's pretty affordable, and I really want to start cooking more. 
  • Culture Fix: I HAVE to go to this Jane Eye ballet show! I love going to the ballet. It's such a magical experience. 
  • LOL: Here are a few more meme accounts that my friend Melody introduced to me or I found on IG. For some reason, taking a 10-minute meme break when I'm stressed out at work is the best thing ever. I've been liking this one, this one (private but hilarious) and this one lately! 
  • Brunchin in the City: I want to check out all of these places in NYC this spring. Honestly, brunch is my favorite way to bring large friend groups together. 
  • Rooftop Season: Yeah, I'm also checking out all of these places this season. 
  • Bing Watch: If you haven't watched Shrill on Hulu yet, I highly recommend it. I love the topics the show discusses. I found it to be pretty relatable and refreshing, 
  • Food For Thought: This post. The caption really struck a chord with me. I took a second at work and thought about how I’ve reacted to being disrespected and how I want to react with poise and grace. But it also made me realize how much I have to learn and how much I have grown from those negative experiences. It’s a blessing that I can look upon fairly recent experiences with a new set of eyes

Thanks again for taking a minute to read this post. Your support means the world to me. Sending you lots of love and wishing you a great Sunday night. 

What's In My Shopping Cart: Amazon & Revolve Edition

March 24, 2019

Photo by Alexandra Gorn 

Uh, I love Revolve and Amazon! I know that Amazon has done some shady things and Revolve can be a tad expensive, but they both have a hold on me for two simple reasons. Amazon offers affordable, cute items on Prime, and Revolve sells beautiful clothing that legit makes me feel like a princess whenever I wear them. Also, anything you buy on Revolve can be purchased through AfterPay, which means you can pay for everything through 4 installments with no interest!! I love this feature because it allows me to add a few pieces of luxury to my wardrobe without breaking the bank.

I also want to share my outfit details with you guys. I wore this to brunch yesterday, and I felt like a badass the whole day. The top I'm wearing above is from Revolve. I'm OBSESSED with it. I love any and all wrap tops, but the open back with the bow detailing is what makes this top special. It's an added element of sexiness, and I love it. I'm wearing the Flawless High Waisted Skinny Jeggings with an exposed zipper from Talbots. I grabbed them during a sample sale at the office, and I've never loved a pair of jeans more! They fit perfectly and make my butt look pretty damn good.  I couldn't find the exact ones on the site but I'm going to keep looking because I need these in white.

The adorable black and white bag I'm wearing is also from Talbots (shoutout to employee discounts). I love it and have been using it every weekend. It's so chic and classic. The black and white color scheme, gold hardware and unusual rectangular structure of the bag are the reasons why I knew I needed to add this purse to my collection. You'll be seeing a lot of it this spring and summer. Last but not least, my white point-toe stilettos are from Aldo. I got them for 50% off last fall, but DSW and Aldo always have great deals, so finding a similar pair shouldn't be too hard. White shoes have been one of my favorite wardrobe staples for a while.

I hope this post inspires you to add a few fun pieces to your spring wardrobe this season.  Let me know in the comments below what you've been eyeing online recently. Happy Sunday my friend, and thank you so much for taking a moment to read this post. I appreciate you so much more than you could ever know.

March Mood Board 2019: Spring Inspiration

March 16, 2019

Photo by Tom Grimbert ; Photo by Earth ; Photo by Paula Borowska ; Photo by Sérgio RolaPhoto by Bee Balogun 

Spring is right around the corner my friends. This past week was actually pretty nice. We saw some warmth and sunshine; it was exactly what I needed. Call me an optimist, but I truly think sping will come early for us this year, which is music to my ears because I'm dying to take my spring wardrobe out of storage!!! I've recently become obsessed with Fallon's wardrobe from the show Dynasty, and I want to emulate it. But I can't really wear blazers and miniskirts without stockings until the weather hits 60. Until then, I'm stuck dreaming of warmer weather and tropical destinations.

This spring, I want to focus on creating a life I'm actually excited about. And I finally realize that in order to achieve this life full of freedom and joy, I have to make a lot of temporary sacrifices. I don't want to work in a freaking cubicle for the next 40 years, and I don't want to worry about my finances. Both of these goals require a lot of hard work and a lot of saying "no". No to some (not all but some) social plans, no to spending extra money and no to fun distractions.

Although I understand that my life is about to become a lot more structured and full of discipline, I don't want to become so laser-focused on my goals that I neglect the other areas of my life. I'm planning to learn as I go and try to take things a lot less seriously. If you know me well, you know that I tend to take everything to the extreme. What can I say? I'm an extra af bitch. But I firmly believe that I have to learn to let go of the things I can't control in order to ascend into the life I desire. So cheers to learning how to go after our dreams while simultaneously swallowing a chill pill in order to avoid driving ourselves crazy.

What are 3 things that you realize you will have to temporarily sacrifice in order to level up in life? Write them down on a pretty piece of stationary and hang it on your wall. Or, share them in the comments below so we can be each other's accountability partners. Wishing you all the love and joy in the world. Thank you so much for taking a moment of your day to read this post. I can't tell you enough how much I appreciate it. Until next time my friend.

Sunday Reads: Introducing The Shit Show Chronicles - Part 1

March 3, 2019

Photo by Anton Darius | @theSollers 

Happy Sunday my friends. I'm glad that we survived another week in the office. Life has been... interesting as of late. I don't know about you, but I'm going through a pretty big transitional phase. And this has been my first chill and therapeutic weekend in about a month. I truly needed it. Because I live in the NYC area, I'm constantly pressuring myself to experience as much as possible and go, go, go! For the past month, I ignored how important it is to slow the hell down. I hope you carve out some time this evening to do just that. I also hope this post encourages you to create a serene atmosphere in your home this evening while you dive into the links below. And if you're interested, scroll to the bottom of this post to read about my shit show of a life. I guarantee it will make you feel better about your own.

  • Reading ListI don’t care that Black History Month is over - these are still great books to read 24/7 365
    • Here are a few more books I'm planning to read this year.
  • Love is a Battlefield - Watch this if you're trying to get over a guy (aka me this week), and watch this if you're ready to focus on yourself instead of desperately looking for love. Hey, we've all been there.
  • Turn that Frown Upside Down - Three simple ways to turn a bad day around.
  • Ladylike - I really want this posture correcting device after reading Grace's review! My posture is so freaking bad!
  • Pretty Little Things - I'm really digging this jewelry line! I might buy one or two necklaces this month.
  • Fashion Icon - I love these quotes from the late Karl Lagerfeld
  • I Wanna Get Away- I need a staycation ASAP! I want to check out these places.
    • I'm also intrigued by this IG account I recently found. Seems right up my alley.
  • Cookbook - I want to try this turmeric latte recipe like now.
  • Freelance Life - I want to check out all the places on this list this season! I love working from inspiring, cool coffee shops in the city.
  • Captain Planet - I never thought about the micro waste that we produce from washing our clothes that are made out of synthetic material... I am buying this little product asap.
  • Work Bitch - Some career advice from Grace, who I respect
  • Meme Me - Loving this meme account my friend Melody introduced me to!
  • Get That Money - I love Rickey and he speaks the TRUTH in this funny and inspiring video #chasebagsnotlove

Shit Show Chronicles - Part 1 

Weekly Highs and Lows 


So... I was quite far from my best this week/weekend. I have been borderline distraught for the past two weeks, so I did what all self-respecting adults do... I drank instead of dealing with my emotions. Ooops. I go through waves of wanting to embrace my emotions and wanting to run from them. Well, this week was a fine example of why I shouldn’t run from them. Not only did I put myself in physical danger by overdrinking, but I ignorantly threw myself at men who blatantly showed me that they do not value or respect me. Did I handle these situations with class and grace? You bet your sweet ass that I did not! I went into meltdown mode instead of Michelle Obama mode.  At least we live and we learn right?  

This was also the first weekend that I've spent alone in over a year.  Since becoming single, I have purposely stayed busy. I was constantly out with friends and crashing at their places to avoid being alone.  So Friday night, I challenged myself to go home after my dance class and stay in for the night. Surprisingly, I had an amazing night to myself filled with Chick-Fil-A, journaling and binge-watching Sex and the City. I fell asleep extremely early (because I'm apparently an old maid now) and woke up feeling refreshed and on top of the world. 

Saturday night, I was not so lucky. This is when all of the self-deprecating thoughts came rushing into my mind. I fell into a little spiral and woke up a few times throughout the night, but I realize how much I needed time to be sad and process my emotions. I woke up in a negative headspace, but once I told myself "hey girl, this is just a temporary emotion and it will pass," I was able to move on with my day and have an amazing Sunday! I used to be in the place where I was terrified to be single again, but I'm soooo much happier than I was a few months ago because I know that I am strong enough to take care of myself now. Before, I was really bad at taking care of myself. 

Weekly Highs 

I learned 3 things about myself during this week's trials and tribulations... 

1. I CANNOT DRINK if I’m severely upset about something, and this week I was irrationally devastated over a guy and my career. Now I realize that if I drink before dealing with my issues, I will make bad decisions... every single damn time. Add a lack of sleep and additional hormones from my period to that equation and you get two manic episodes in the course of 5 days, featuring yours truly. I'm happy to report that I'm no longer beating myself up about these episodes; I’m actually quite relieved that I came to this conclusion. This is something I’ll probably deal with for the rest of my life. I now see what happens when I bottle everything up inside and then add alcohol on top of it. 

2. I also realize that there’s nothing wrong with being sad or upset from time to time. I’m so terrified of going back to the mental place I was in during 2015-2017, but I’ve significantly grown since then. I’ve made similar mistakes as that version of me, but I’m not bed-ridden over guilt or self-hate anymore. I totally contribute this new mental grit/strength to the therapy sessions I sought out during 2018. I also still want to prioritize therapy and figure out how to make it fit into my budget. Paying that hefty price sucks, but it’s critical for me to take care of my mindset in order to thrive. I thought I could do it alone and I can’t. I am fine admitting that now. 

3. My recent breakup is affecting me more than I thought it would. I have not used the past three weeks to focus on my dreams; instead, I’ve turned to men, alcohol and partying as a distraction from what I actually want in life! Why? Because I’m terrified that I’m going to fucking fail. The ironic part about this fear is, I'm allowing it to control my actions. Therefore, I'm acting like an immature, psychotic shit show. I’m not ok with that. I’m better than that. So now it's time for me to clean up my act.  And I'm fully confident that I am doing just that. Obviously, I'm going to still make mistakes, but I highly doubt I'll make the same ones again. 

Thank you so much for spending part of your day reading this post. I hope my messiness hopes you feel less alone if you've felt like a mess lately too. Sending you so much love and joy! Until next time my friend. 

Currently Coveting: What's In My Shopping Cart + A Life Update

February 10, 2019

Photo by Ella Jardim 

Wow, it has been one hell of a week. The extreme, contrasting thoughts and emotions I experienced this week were surprising. My romantic relationship came to an end last Sunday, and since then I have felt heart-break, depression, grief, anger and self-doubt. But I've also felt excited, liberated, energetic, confident and most importantly, I now feel blessed that I have an opportunity to prove to myself that the only way I will ever be happy is to find it within myself. I know, I almost just gagged a little bit and rolled my eye, but it's true.  I have ALWAYS looked for validation, acceptance, and love from external sources. It's a habit I still struggle with, but I'm a hell of a lot better at handling my emotions than I was a year ago or even six months ago.

Now that I'm not in a romantic relationship, I'm dedicating more energy to the things I've always loved but have been slacking on recently. I'm going to the gym more, pushing myself more than ever in my dance and pole classes, challenging myself to be more independent, seeing my friends more and having more fun dressing up each day!

Two of my biggest confidence boosters come from giving my all in a dance/pole class or wearing an outfit that makes me feel empowered. Although I am passionate about dancing, fashion is something I interact with 24/7; therefore, it has a higher impact on my life. I've always had a deep connection to fashion and find it invigorating. If you're reading this post, I'm guessing you have some type of connection to the beauty/fashion world too. You most likely believe, like I do, that a fun lipstick shade or cute outfit can help you feel even more amazing about yourself. That's why I'm sharing my recent favorite pieces down below. Some of these items I already have, own something similar or plan on adding it to my wardrobe in a financially responsible manner. I only buy items that "spark joy" in my life now thanks to Marie Kondo. I hope these pieces bring you a little bit of confidence and joy too. Until next time my friend, and thank you so much for spending a little time today to support my site. Your time and love mean the world to me.

Animal Print
Ok, so it's safe to say that I'm obsessed with cheata print and snake skin print. I can't help it. I just woke up one day and needed all of it in my life.

Gearing Up For Spring
I'm OBSESSED with the colors Riviera Blue and pink for spring. You already know I'm going to wear these colors head to toe in a monochromatic looks. Think Fallon-eque outfits from Dynasty. I'm talking all the blazer dresses or blazers with mini skirts you can imagine. Ah!! I'm so excited

Camel Everything
I finally have a camel coat and camel plaid scarf. I feel like a true New Yorker now.

Happy Shopping! Let's pray that spring comes quickly!

Weekly Reads: Cheers to a Fresh Start

January 27, 2019

Photo by Nicolette Meade 

Hope your day is off to a great start! I'm currently writing this post from a coffee shop in my neighborhood. I haven't worked from a coffee shop in a while, and I almost forgot how much I love this ritual! It's so blissful to take two hours for myself and block out the surrounding world. I used to fear to be alone with my thoughts because I didn't know how to be kind to myself, but now alone time feels like a luxury. I hope you can sneak in a little alone time this weekend as well. It truly is quite refreshing. I also hope you find the links below to be helpful, entertaining or inspiring. I know I do! If you have any links you want to share in the comments below, I'd love to know what meme, article or video has put a smile on your face this weekend. 

Weekend TV Guide: 10 Documentaries every woman in their 20s should watch  
BYOB restaurants in NYC - Because we all need to save money this year
BYO food bars in NYC - Great for all my friends who are on special diets 
Terrible People: Ew!!! NEVER eat here! I hope this manager got fired for being so sexist! 
Self Love - What you should focus on instead of focusing on finding the “love of your life” 
Beauty Bar: I’m intrigued by this new beauty trend  
Fashion Nerd: This is so interesting! I’m excited about this new fashion/psychology series. I’ve always been fascinated with psychology and have a deep connection to fashion. Here’s one I’m excited to read this weekend. 
HBIC: An interesting resume tip 
Black Girl Magic!!! Time to celebrate these amazing black women 
Get It Together - This inspiring closet organization article plus the new Marie Kondo show on Netflix is going to help me feel more put together. 

Weekly Highs:

This week was a whirlwind! A lot of stressful incidents happened over the past 7 days. But oddly, I’m in a much better mood than I’ve experienced earlier in the month. I guess a lot of shitty things happening all at once helped me re-adjust my perspective and focus on what truly matters and why gratitude is so important. The best part of this week was the fact that I proved to myself how resilient I can be. 

Yes, I cried a lot. Yes, I let 95% of my weekly to-do list fall through the cracks and beat myself up about it. Yes, I have a loving boyfriend who comforted me and told me everything was going to be ok. Yes, I called my best friend Kendra to help cheer me up. I know I am blessed to have their love and support, but at the end of the day, we have to depend on ourselves in order to see the light again. Words of comfort from other people are nice, but they don’t magically change your mindset. Only you have the power to focus on the positive side of things. And unfortunately, that’s a skill that we all have to work at every single day if we want a sustainable positivity. I’m just grateful that all of my loved ones are safe and sound, I have a source of income in my dream industry and I can start planning to redecorate my apartment for the spring. 

Weekly Lows:

I want to keep this part short and sweet because: 
a.) I don’t want to sound like a whiny little punk and 
b.)listening to me complain won’t help you on your path to success. 

But I will briefly list all the poo things that happened in my life this week so you know how unperfect my life is. This way, you don’t feel so alone when poo things happen to you.

  • Lost my Chanel wallet in a cab 
  • Was overcharged $152 by the terrible restaurant/bar Tijuana Picnic in the LES (which refused to answer the phone, return my email or speak to a manager when I went back to the bar). 
  • One of my immediate family members in Georgia was rushed to the hospital (this emergency made all of my other problems seem very small)

As you can see, my life is messy. I think our social media society has caused us all to compare and desire the lives of others. I don’t want to portray that my life is better than yours. I want us all to work together so we all live the lives of our dreams. Thank you so much for stopping by my site to read this post. I hope this article helped you smile. Until next time my friend! 

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