October 2018 Mood Board - 5 Minutes of Fall Inspiration

October 15, 2018

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October has become one of my all time favorite months. I can walk around without sweating to death.  The leaves are a beautiful color and the fluctuating weather means it's the optimal time for layering mini skirts with chunky sweaters and expanding my boots & booties collection. Then you add in Halloween, spiked apple cider, pumpkin patches, haunted houses and classic Disney Halloween movies and it's no wonder that most people like fall more than the other seasons. Even though I still have A LOT on my bucket/to-do list for this month (sometimes an overwhelming amount), I can't help but feel inspired every time I take a long stroll through an NYC or JC neighborhood. Maybe that's why I love fall so much? It' full of second, third and fourth chances. I hope this mini mood board inspires you to seek out beauty in your own neighborhood, go on a fall adventure, or create a warm and cozy environment in your home. I'm dying to know what inspires you the most this season. Leave a comment below and then I can share your tips with the rest of the community. Have a glorious Monday; you deserve to have a whimsical and magical season. Until next time my friend, and thanks for spending a little time with me! Your support means more to me than you think!

Weekly Reads 10.14.18

October 14, 2018

Photo by Kerstin Wrba

I'm so sad that October is flying by! This is one of my favorite months, and I have so many fall things to do before the season ends! I'm sure you do too, but for now, I hope you grab a warm cup of tea or coffee and dive into the links below. Thanks for spending some time with me!

Gotta Get My Mind Right: Heard about this cool mental health community on Julia Engel’s IG stories. I’m excited to check it out.  I also loved this article that explores a few reasons to seek out therapy.

Rich Bitch Money Tips: Let’s get cookin! I love this 2-week challenge of cooking all your meals at home. Very inspiring and a great way to save extra money.

All the Fall Fun: I’ve never been to new england in the Fall but I’m DYING to go to vermont after reading Abby Capalbo’s Vermont Fall Foliage guide!! AHHHHH I want to do all of the stuff on this list.

Lovely reads - I think I just found one of my new favorite writers. Even though I’m not planning on getting married anytime soon, I resonated with her fear about staying engaging/exciting.

Chill Out: I seriously want to try this CBD drink! I need all the help I can get when it comes to relaxing.

Cup of Jo: I need to go to Felix now! I’ve never seen such a beautiful coffee shop!

Do Your Part: This is a great guide for us to inform ourselves and vote for what we believe is best. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion, I just hope everyone who is eligible to vote takes time to do their research.

Bingeworthy: I’m so obsessed with Shane Dawson’s Jake Paul Documentary which explores whether Jake is a sociopath and exposes a dark side of YouTube. It’s sooooo good you guys

Let’s Talk About Tax Cuts: More tax cut info to help us adult better and understand a huge political issue.

Out East: If you need a reason to go to the Hamptons in the fall, this is your answer. You’re welcome

Shop Til You Drop
This is what’s in my amazon cart at the moment

Weekly agenda - I need to organize & purge like crazy!! This article inspired me.

Gotta Have IT: I’mma need these inserts for the fall and winter.

Pick Me Up: Watch this Puppy Bachelor video to instantly be happier.

Menu: I think this Trader Joes list was personally written for me because it answered all of my prayers

Dressed to the Nines: I loved this article because I miss getting dressed up for no reason! I want to challenge myself to dress up a little bit like I used to in high school and college. It was so much fun and that's when I felt my best… because I actaully took the time to invest and respect myself by doing something that makes me happy. Don’t get me wrong, I’ll never give up my yoga pants, but there’s nothing wrong with putting a little pep in your step 4 out of 7 days of the week.

Recent Highs
I had an AMAZING time in Austin, TX the other week with a few of my friends from college. I haven’t laughed that hard in a really long time! It was nice to be around a core group of people who have my same, twisted sense of humor

Recent Lows
I’ve been pretty sick recently. And because I’ve been sick, I physically haven’t been able to follow through with most of my goals ie.) going to the gym, going hiking in the Bronx, waking up at 5:30 to work on my blog… and so on. And at first I was totally fine because I knew I needed to rest, but now I just feel sad and behind. I've also had a lot of issues in my romantic relationship, but luckily, that seems to be turning around. Life tends to throw a lot of stuff at us all at once, but it always gets better eventually.

The Fall Home: Cute & Affordable Amazon Fall Decor Pieces

October 10, 2018

Photo by Elora Allen on Unsplash

One of my favorite things to do every fall is decorating my space (ie. bedroom, bathroom, office cubicle, porch/front door, kitchen, living room)! There's something refreshing and therapeutic about adding a little bit of joy and celebration to my everyday life through simple, relevant decor and kitchen pieces. So I've rounded up a few of my favorite items that will hopefully put a smile on your face each time you glance at them. I am actually planning to buy everything on this list... but I'm going to space out my purchases because there's no point in going into more debt (hey there student loans and past shopping addiction) in the name of fall decor. Remember my friend, we can everything we want in life; we just might not be able to have it all at the same time. So cheers to us being financially responsible this season while still finding ways to enjoy the small stuff. I'd love for you to share your fall decor plans in the comments below!! Share your ideas; you never know who you'll inspire! Until next time my friend, and thanks for spending some time with me today. So much love!!!!

P.S. Yes, this post involves affiliate links, I'd I'm eternally grateful to anyone who supports this site.

1(a, b, c, d), 2, 3, 45, 6, 7, 8

Happy Fall! 

The Ultimate Fall 2018 Bucket List: Everything You Should Do this Fall in NYC

September 24, 2018

Fall 2018 Pumpkins
Photo by Brigitte Tohm 

There's someting about fall in New York City that puts a pep in everyone's step here. The weather is beautiful. We aren't at risk of having a heat stroke while waiting for our subway train. And everyone is a little nicer. It's hard not to have more energy during this season in the city. Fall has always been one of my favorite times to make magical memories. For me, writing a seasonal bucket list adds another layer of excitement to the season and helps me stay accountable for having fun instead of midlessly wathcing Netflix every weekend. I truly believe that all of us are wayyyy too stressed out, so we have to prioritize having fun and relaxing. This is my gameplan to do so. I hope my list helps you get excited for the upcoming weeks and inspires you to add a few things to your bucket list! Also, feel free to print out this bucket list I made for us so we'll have a daily reminder. Leave a comment and let me know what's on your list this fall!! Unitl next time my friend, and thanks for taking a moment out of your day to spend some time with me. Lots of love!!!

Mid September Mood Board: A Month of Focus and Freedom

September 15, 2018

Photo by Estée Janssens,  Oskars SylwanRoman KraftAugustin de MontesquiouRobin BenzrihemCédric Klei 

Another month has come and gone. At first I was dreading the end of summer, but now I’m  ready to embrace the magic of fall in the city. Of course, I’m still going to wear white because F*** the rules, but I am going to start transitioning my closet and decor for this fall season. And this month, I’m focusing on not letting my emotions control me. For the past week, I have let my emptions get the best of me. I've ignored the things I've truly wanted to accomplish, and I'm not ok with that. Now, I’m focusing on going after what makes me happy and ignoring other people’s invalid opinions and the netative thoughts that pop into my head. I want a lot out of life, and there’s nothing wrong with that. I also want to spread a lot of love and kindness around the world, but I can’t do that if I’m constantly having panic attacks or binge watching Netflix to avoid stress. Making time to reflect is important to me, and I've come to realize that my panic attacks stem from three place:

One - the fear of my loved ones dying (totally valid)
Two - the fear of judgement and ridicule of others
And Three - the nasty little voice in my head that’s telling me I’m wasting my life away because I’m not working hard enough or that there's no point in even trying becuse I'll fail regardless. 

Now I realized that I’m not in control of 2/3 of the list above, but I am in control of how I react to other people’s opinions and I’m definitely in control of whether or not I listen to that hoe up inside my head. So this month, I’m embracing anything and everything that makes me happy as long as it’s physically, emotionally and financially responsible and doesn't cause harm to others. 

If I'm feeling down and uninspired, I’m gonna dip out and go to a coffee shop or sit in the park. If I’m feeling stressed out and need to do a yoga session at work, I'm going to go into our break room and have a 5 minute yoga session. My job assignments can wait. If I want to get a little dressed up and wear a fun outfit to make myself feel confident and strong, I’m going to do it (even if it means disrespectful men catcall at me. Also, I’m planning to get a taser lol). If I want to post that picture on Instagram on a Saturday at 3 pm even though my insights say that’s not a good time to post, I’m going to freaking post it and stop worrying about the likes and followers. 

This September, I’m taking back my power and putting myself in the driver’s seat again. I’m sick of constantly telling myself no because “oh goodness, what will people whom I barely know think of me” Nah, screw that. It’s time for me to do what I like, and it’s time for you to do the same … as long as it’s safe, doesn’t destroy your bank account, or have malicious intent. 

Well that’s all for now folks. Thank you so much for reading this! You’re a real one, and your support means the world to me. And don't forget, you're never alone. I'm just an email/DM away if you need someone to talk to. Until next time my love. 

Currently Coveting: Savoring Late Summer - Wear into Fall

August 24, 2018

Photo by Charisse Kenion 

I don't know about you but I have mixed feelings about the fast approaching end of summer. I love summer and the chill freedom it brings, but fall offers a sense of new beginnings, a second wind to work towards our goals. I feel like I'm in a constant tug of war because I'm sad to see summer go, but excited to buckle down and make this upcoming fall my little B**** in the most productive sense possible. So while I'm waiting for the seasons to transition, here are a few things that I've been craving and coveting hardcore. I even bought a few of the items below, and guess what, I'm probably going to buy more (as long as they are within my budget because I need to stop overspending asap).

Luckily, all the pieces I'm current lusting after will completely be wearable in fall. So cheers to making the end of summer count and planning for a fun fall. I hope this short, curated list helps you pinpoint any fun items you want to add to your wardrobe. I'd love to know what pieces of clothing or accessories you've been coveting lately. And thanks so much for taking time to read my post. You're support seriously makes me day! Until next time!

P.S. This post has affiliate links! That means if you purchase from below, I get a small commission that the brand pays me (like 10 cents to a dollar) NOT you! Thanks for your support! 

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August Mood Board: Soaking Up the Last Days of Summer

August 18, 2018

For the first part of August, I was focused on one thing... not losing my freaking mind! Life really kicked it up a notch and started throwing hard balls at my family, my relationship and my job. From what I can tell, pretty much everyone around me had a rocky start to August. Apparently Mercury is still in retrograde until August 18th (aka today)... honestly, I don't take astrology too seriously, but maybe there's something to it after all.

Luckily, we still have two weeks left of the month to fill this summer with beautiful experiences. I plan to hit up a few more tropical themed restaurants, finish my summer reads, avoid wearing pants at all costs and indulge in a much-deserved staycation. I know my list isn't packed with a million fun activities, but that's the beauty in it. I want to embrace some ease and flow, so for the rest of summer, I am relaxing and seeing what blessings life throws my way. We put so much pressure on ourselves. It's time for an actual break.

How are you planning to enjoy these last weeks of summertime? I'd love to hear in the comments below. Until next time my friend, and thank you so much for stopping by. Your support means everything to me... seriously! Thanks for helping me get one step closer to my dreams. Lots of love!

Memes of the Day: A Quick Way to Cheer Up

August 6, 2018

Photo by Brigitte Tohm 

Another Monday is in the books. I've been a major grouch today. Between my lack of sleep and a 9+ hour workday without a lunch break, I'm far from a ray of sunshine at the moment.  I need a little positivity in my day, but instead of glancing at a ton of inspirational quotes, I decided to seek out memes. I have amazing friends who started a shared memes folder, so I figured it was time to share the wealth (all of these memes are from that folder). Afterall, laughter really is the best medicine, so I hope the memes below bring you a little bit of joy too. And PLEASE leave the name of your favorite meme account below. I'm always looking for more. Until next time my friend!

Weekly Reads: 07.29.18

July 29, 2018

Photo by Jason Briscoe

Hi Friends! 

I hope you're ready for a fresh start this week! I know I am. I took a mini break last week (ie I didn't work on my blog, go to the gym or say yes to any additional obligations outside of work) and I think it's just what I needed to prevent myself from burning out.. again. I hope you took the weekend to recharge. If not, I hope this post can help you have a mini escape from reality, even if it's just for 10 minutes. So here we go! 

  • Currently Loving - I've recently become obsessed with the site Camille Styles. Whenever I visit the site, I feel like I'm transported to a luxurious space that's dedicated to helping me become my best version. 
  • Beauty Sleep - Speaking of Camillestyles.com, this article about technology that helps you sleep is a game changer! I always struggle to fall asleep at night, so I'm excited to try some of these tools out. 
  • Boss Babe- This one is for all my aspiring entrepreneurs who are still working 9-5 jobs... aka me. This article is a great reminder that the current struggle is only temporary! 
  • Menu- Here is an inspiring food diary from someone who experimented with eating clean for two weeks. I find this article to be super inspiring. I'm trying to switch to a cleaner, healthier lifestyle, and this diary feels like my guide for dummies. I love this post because she talks about the emotions that come along with changing your diet. 
  • Pamper Time - Have you guys heard of butt masks? They are like sheet masks, but for your butt! I'm kind of intrigued, and this one is only $8, so why not! 
  • Shop Til You Drop - The Everygirl created this amazing Plus-Size Shopping Guide, because we all deserve to have access to fabulous, affordable clothes! 
  • Summer Lovin - I love this NY Times article about planning amazing trips with your S.O. this summer. It can be tough to travel together. 

Weekly Lows 

Besides my usual self-deprecating state of mind (I'm working on being kinder to myself in therapy), the Friday portion of Panorama got cancelled and that was a little devastating. This music festival was the only thing I was excited about this week. But hey, life goes on. I somewhat think the Friday cancellation was a blessing because I was forced to chill the hell out and rest. I’ll just have to befriend Migos and the Weekend another time. My brother was also rushed to the hospital this weekend. He has some serious autoimmune health issues, so my anxiety was through the roof all day Saturday. But I'm grateful for the medical team that was able to help him. This new chapter is scary, but I know my brother is strong enough to make it through this. 

Weekly Highs 

So there are three. The first one is sappy because it’s about my boyfriend. He’s so supportive and always tries to make me feel better. I was in such a negative state this week but he was patient and kind with me when I was feeling some type of way. Secondly, I got to see SZA and Gucci Mane in concert this weekend. It was worth every penny I spent! I forgot how amazing music festivals are. They seriously feed my soul. The third high was finding the podcast Jen Gotch is OK... sometimes. It focuses solely on mental health, which is right up my alley. This podcast got me through the work week! The biggest takeaway from the podcast I’ve had so far is, if I want to see changes in my life (ie. relationships, career, finances, apartments, fitness, you name it) I’m not going to see lasting results until I face all my internal demons and make time to process my emotions (barf). My therapist has told me this repeatedly, but I’ve ignored her (sometimes I have to learn lessons the hard way) but I’m finally ready to make time to deal with everything I’ve bottled up inside me. I know I’m blessed to live this life, but we’ve all experienced heartbreak, trauma and pain... and I’ve been running from mine but I’m ready to break through it! And I wish the same for you. Until next time my friend. Stay lovely! 

Lit Deals You Absolutely Want To Check Out On Prime Day 2018

July 15, 2018

Photo by: Nia Washington 

Ever since I was a little kid, I've always loved chasing a good sale! I get a buzz from finding amazing deals and making my money stretch. Growing up, I would scout out all the sales and come up with gameplans for my family whenever we went on family shopping trips to the designer outlet malls, Black Friday and back to school shopping. And my love for researching and planning for major sales hasn't gone away. In fact, now that I'm a relatively independent, young adult, my love for finding and maximizing the value of a great sale has tripled because I'm on that #budgetlifestyle. And now that I've basically sold my soul to Amazon, Amazon Prime Day (July 16, 2018) has become a major holiday for me. But guess what, I don't play around when it comes to these type of sales. So here's the DL on what I'm excited about this Prime Day.

But before we jump into breaking down the sale, I don't want you to go crazy on Prime Day. Just because it's on sale or a great value doesn't mean we should buy a ton of stuff we don't need. We still have to be financially responsible. So with that in mind, here are some practical things to focus on this July 16th-17th. Also, there are some pre-Amazon Prime Day deals that already launched in the US, so go check them out. And heads up, this post contains affiliate links. That means that Amazon gives me a small commission from each sale. They pay me, not you. So if you do decide to shop from below, thank you so much for supporting my passion project. Regardless of if shop through my site, I hope you find this post helpful, and thanks for taking the time to read my blog. Your support means the world to me.

Reasons To Shop On Prime Day 2018
  • Get your holiday shopping done early -  you can get your loved ones amazing gifts for a fraction of the price and not stress out about Christmas, anniversaries, birthdays, Mother's Day or Father's Day 
  • Invest in tech - I need to invest in some tech devices to take my content creation projects to the next level. If you're in the digital creative industry or just want to make your life a little easier, this could be a good time to invest 
  • Closet revamp - It's freaking hot and you may have outgrown or donated most of your clothing, so now you can get a few items for a fraction of the price 
  • Stock up on groceries and household basics - if you don't have a Cosco membership, this is for you! Wholefoods is participating in Prime Day this year. If you spend $10 at wholefoods between July 11th and 17th, you get $10 free in an Amazon voucher... THAT'S FREE MONEY!!
  • Also AmazonBasics - aka everything you need to run a smooth household - will be up to 20% off. 

What I'm Checking Out On Prime Day 
  • Lulus's - This is one of my favorite online stores and they've teamed up with Amazon Prime! You get 30% off AND free shipping this Prime Day on lulus.com when you use your Amazon Prime account and Amazon Pay 
  • Get you an Echo Dot for $25 (price should drop on the 16th I believe)!!! 
  • Bedding/Home Decor - I need to replace my ish asap. 

  • Outdoor Furniture - Because it's summer, I have a backyard, and right now it's ugly so I want to fix that. 

July Mood Board: Inspiration in 5 Minutes

July 11, 2018

Hey friend! I hope your summer has been laid-back and carefree so far. I've been a little bit of a rut lately... I feel like I'm always in a rut. I've lost my strong sense of confidence and self-belief, and now it's time for me to find it again. And in an effort to focus on the positive, I'm making a conscious effort to concentrate on dreaming this month. I'm visualizing the things I want: my ideal career, the places I want to travel to, the experiences I want to have, the clothes and hairstyles I want to rock, the financial freedom I strive for... basically I'm using this month to reset my goals.

If you've been feeling a little out of touch with yourself like I have, I believe setting aside time to figure out what we actually want is the first step to getting it. For the past 5 years, I thought I wanted something and now I realize, that's not the life I want at all. And that's ok! This is one reason why I love Summer; we can reimagine ourselves, sit outside and figure out what actually makes us happy. So for the rest of the month, I'm taking the time to remind myself that I'm capable of achieving my dreams. And guess what, I'm challenging you to do the same. Yep, I said challenge. 

Life is super freaking short, so it's up to us to make the most of the one we have. As corny as that sounds, it's real freaking true. So this weekend, take 15 minutes right after you wake up, and assess your goals. If your actions are aligned with your wants in life... good job, and if not, today is the perfect opportunity to take one small step towards what you actually want. I'll be right here to help you along the way. Thanks to much for reading this, and don't forget; you're a badass. Until next time my friend. 

P.S. If you need more sources of inspo for the month, check out my July Pinterest Mood Board below; it's my go-to place when I need a quick boost. 

The Summer Shop: Your Ultimate Guide To Summer Dressing

July 2, 2018

Photo: Unsplash

Ah! I love summer! I love the sense of freedom that comes along with this time of year. The days are longer, the work week is shorter and there's an endless amount of fun events going on throughout the city. But one struggle I face is looking cute during the summer while staying cool. I know that everytime I get on the subway during the summer in NYC, I'm drenched in sweat (tmi but at least I'm honest). This summer heat is no joke! That's why summer dressing should be two things: lightweight and easy. I've put together a few of my favorite pieces for this season that will help you look chic and stay cool with very little effort. Because that's what summer is all about: effortless fun. I hope this guide solves any of your wardrobe problems for the hot weather. Just because it's hot, doesn't mean we have to look like a hot mess. Oh, and fyi, this article contains affiliate links. Let me know what's your favorite item! And thank you so much for taking time to read this! Lots of love!

Luvurious Vacarion Dresses



Graphic Tees

Matching Sets

And here are more matching sets that I'm obsessed with!

Glamorous High Neck Crop Top & Shorts In Candy Stripe Two-Piece

Boohoo Scallop Lace Top & Skirt Two-Piece

Ebonie n ivory Wrap Front Top & Shorts Two-Piece


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