Retail Therapy Volume 1: Thanksgiving/Black Friday Edition & Coping During the Holidays

November 22, 2018

Photo by Rose Elena 

Hey, there gang! I hope everyone is having an amazing Thanksgiving! As expected, there are a ton of amazing deals this weekend. I went a tab bid crazy every single day this week because there have been so many irresistible sales all week long! But before we jump into where to shop and what to shop for, I want to provide some helpful links for anyone dealing with loss, grief or sickness this Thanksgiving. We're so blessed to get to see another Thanksgiving, but the holidays can be extra brutal if you're:
  • grieving the loss of a loved one 
  • going through a breakup
  • battling a mental or physical illness
  • dealing with severe financial pressures
  • watching someone you love suffer while battling an illness
I hope the links below help you cope and heal if you're dealing with any of the things above. For me, planning fun activities and fun things to wear while doing those activities is a small and easy way to add a little more joy to a super stressful time for my family. Also, BetterHelp (an online form of therapy that allows me to chat with my doctor 24/7 and talk to her via video each week) has been a huge form of self-care this season, so I highly recommend checking it out if you want a more affordable therapy option.

Do you guys ever drink too much wine from the comfort of your bed and think "you know what would make today a lot better? An online shopping binge!!" No? Just me? Well Monday, I decided to treat myself and just dump a ton of things I want in my online shopping cart and waited until the morning to actually check out because I don't need to drain my savings. But I did find a ton of cute stuff Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Today and I wanted to share it with you! Why? Because sharing is caring, and I care that you look like a boss ass bad bitch this holiday season. I hope you like the things I've rounded up the sales and items below. I know I do! But please shop responsibly! I already placed large orders through Showpo, Shein and BCBG so be better than me... or join me on the dark side. It's up to you. That's just as much a reminder to me as it is to you. Sending so much love your way!!! Thanks for swinging by my site today. Until next time my friend and happy Thanksgiving!!!!

Thanksgiving & Black Friday Deals to Know and Shop (Shop Responsibly!)

  • Kendra Scott - 30% off 
  • Talbots - 50% off one item and 40% off your entire purchase
  • Asos - 25% 
  • BCBG Generation - 50% off Everything
  • Showpo - 25% off $100 or more 
  • Adore Me - BOGO + money off
  • Boohoo - 60% off (the percentage off keeps changing every few hours though) 
  • Saks Off %th - One day only Warehouse Sale (Black Friday)
  • LL Bean - 25% off Bean Boots, 20% Apparel & Outerwear 
  • Click here for 175+ more Black Friday Deals and 230+ Cyber Monday Deals 

Weekly Reads 11.16.18

November 16, 2018

Photo by Filip Zrnzevińá

We saw our first snowfall yesterday! What we thought was going to be a light mist of snow for 2 hours ended up being a non-stop snowstorm that shut down a lot of the city. Luckily, I didn’t have to deal with any of the horrors that some of my friends did on their commute home. I had a seamless commute back to my bed after a long workday and for that, I’m super grateful. Now it’s Friday and it’s time to enjoy the weekend. I am still battling a cold, but I’m excited to rest for most of the weekend and rejuvenate because I am physically and emotionally tired. I’m excited to set aside time to reset… now I just have to follow through with my quiet weekend. Anyway, I hope you like the links I rounded up this week!! I hope you dive into these links with a nice glass of wine while wearing the comfiest PJs and some seasonal candles to create the coziest ambiance. You deserve a soothing night in.  

Happy Holidays!
Yes, yes and YES!!!! The extravagant holiday window displays lining 5th Ave are officially back. I love grabbing hot apple cider and walking around at night to see the beautiful displays. This is a fun, free and inspiring activity I have no shame doing by myself but if you want to make it a little more fun, grab a friend and spike your apple ciders. Then head somewhere for live music and warm food. Ah, there’s nothing like NYC during the holidays.

Chanel is redesigning its flagship store in NYC… I’m so excited I could cry. It’s 5 freaking stories and basically looks like an art gallery. It’s my goal to buy a classic quilted Chanel bag this year, and now I know which store to grab it from.

Shop Til You Drop: Time to start mapping out your Black Friday gameplan. Check out this list here to know where to go. You’re welcome lol.

This is the funniest podcatst!!! Great for something comical to listen to at work. It’s freaking WILD. They talk about the craziest, most inappropriate stuff, drag everything and everyone, touch on mental health and bring up important issues but discuss them in a more digestible way and the questions that listeners write in with legit have my dying laughing on the subway. My life would be incomplete without The Read Podcast.  

This is a good freaking post: Getting out of your own way

I wanna go camping! And this is a good guide for that

Shopping cart: I need more plaid in my life!  

Get Well: Organic vitamins by Alicia aka Cher from Clueless… did you know that most vitamins are a complete scam and are actually bad for you!!! Watch this video and tell me you don’t want to make some major nutrition changes

Reading List: The Inspired Home Fall/Winter edition! My new obsessions! Not only did it feel luxurious to read, but it was so inspiring and focused mainly on health/ wellness

Tech Touchbase: Interesting article… maybe we should start following some of these rules.   

Well Rounded: Yay! Gratitude worksheet!

Weekly Highs and Lows

Honestly, I don’t have the energy to reflect deeply on this because the week was a blur. From late night work events, battling a cold and trying to be productive outside of work, I can already tell I need a lot of help when it comes to naturally generating energy. But I can share that I started Better Help this week and I already really like it! Plus, I get assigned wellness worksheets, and there’s nothing I like more than a good worksheet because I love organizing my thoughts on paper. I’d love to hear what your highs and lows were this week though!

Good News! Our Twenties are Supposed to be Messy

November 13, 2018

Hi Guys, 

Happy World Kindness Day!! I wanted to say hi really quickly and get something off my chest. So I’ve been a recovering perfectionists for a long ass time... honestly I can’t remember a time where I wasn’t one. And after realizing how unhealthy that mindset was in 2016, I’ve slowly gotten better at embracing the mess of life... but the key word is slowly. 

Last week, I had an exceptionally messy week. I was ready to throw my career away, give up on all my dreams and destroy my romantic relationship (because why not push away the guy who’s proved to me time and time again that he loves and supports me). Let’s just say that I saw a preview of what a quarter-life crisis looks like last week. Luckily, I’ve calmed the f down this week, put myself back in therapy to deal with my erratic behavior, and did some major self-analysis to be a better partner to my boyfriend. Although I am proud of myself for cleaning up my mess, I started to feel SUPER guilty for letting myself spiral last week and for ignoring all of the signs leading up to my little snap.

 In order to escape my shame vortex, I used some of those handy skills I’ve learned through therapy and started thinking “why am I embarrassed and guilty?” Who the fuck said that I had to have my shit together at the age of 24? I freaking don’t! And I shouldn’t expect myself to know all the answers! I’m allowed to make mistakes. I’m allowed to learn from hard lessons. I’m allowed to ask for help because who actually knows how to navigate adulthood 24/7? Are you putting the same pressures on yourself? 

A part of me will always appreciate a little bit of pressure because it’s a nice form of motivation, but too much self-inflicted pressure is toxic. Personally, a lot of that self-induced pressure is driven by my fear of other people’s opinions. But guess what, I’m over it! We are freaking young and we are going to make a ton of mistakes. It’s fine. They kind of make life a little more interesting. As long as we don’t keep repeating those mistakes and actually learn from them, it’s all good. Plus, those mistakes can lead to some hilarious stories in the future. Now I can laugh with my friends about how disheveled we were just two short years ago. 

So cheers to us making memories, making mistakes and making magic happen. We’re only young once, so we might as well take as many shots at our dreams, be nice to ourselves and say screw it to trying to be the best all the time. I'm ready to stop resisting the inevitable messiness of our 20s. I hope this post helps you feel less alone and a little more liberated. Congrats!! We’re not expected to know what the heck we are doing yet. Now we have one less thing to stress about. Thanks for taking the time to read this post. Your support means the world to me, and if you feel like sharing, I'd love to know what messy thing you've overcome in the past week or two in the comments below.  

Currently Inspired By: The Upper East Side

November 5, 2018

Photo by Nia Washington

The other week, I was on the UES for a work event first thing in the morning. Now I've been to this lovely neighborhood a few times, but I'm usually rushing to meet friends, running to an event or glued to my phone and not paying attention to my surroundings. But this morning, I wanted to change up my routine a little bit. I purposely left my apartment early to have extra time to explore the neighborhood. I hopped off the subway a stop early so I'd be forced to walk the streets of this esteemed neighborhood, and I have to tell you, I was pleasantly surprised.

Photos by:, Juan Di Nella 

Not only was the architecture delightful and inspiring (I studied art history YEARS ago, but have developed a serious appreciation for architecture ever since) but everyone was walking at a leisurely pace. I work in midtown, so I'm accustomed to people essentially throwing elbows and risking their lives to make it to the other side of the street before that big rig blocks the intersection (hey, at least there's never a dull moment). I felt as if I had been transported to another freaking world. A world where everyone was dressed well, enjoyed their mornings and lived in this posh little atmosphere. Granted, I was only walking for 15 minutes, so I wasn't there long enough to get a totally accurate impression but my experience was still lovely and inspiring.  Side note, I was in heels during the whole walk, so I felt like a bad bitch. Shout out to Talbots for making comfortable booties that are chic and functional. 

So to sum things up, taking a morning stroll on the UES gave me a new breath of hope, motivation and inspiration. Hope to build the life I want here in this incredible city where opportunity surrounds us. Motivation to dress up because it's fun, life is short and this is a great boost of confidence. And inspiration to create this post, put together powerful outfits and add little elements of beauty to my life through decor and fashion. I always think it's amazing how a simple walk in an unfamiliar neighborhood can fill you with so much joy and excitement. That's one reason why I love NYC so much; it's basically an IRL Pinterest board. There's inspiration, knowledge and beauty everywhere you look... unless it's trash day. But hey, that trash serves as a great reminder that nothing is perfect and that's ok. I hope you liked this post and it encourages you to explore this week. Thanks for stopping by and reading this post; your support means the world to me. 

My UES Starter Kit 
My vision on how to look the part of an UES Bad Bitch. Think posh, preppy and polished. For me that means all things cashmere, plaid, tweed and structured... and pairing these things with sky-high heels is the perfect way to stand out fron the crowd.  

P.S. I get a small commission (legit like $0.05) if you shop the links below. if you find something you like and shop from below, just know how much I sincerely appreciate you. Lots of Love!

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