5 Ways To Make The Most of the End of Summer

August 17, 2017

August is already halfway over which means summer is rapidly coming to an end. It's crazy how quickly this year is flying by, and there are still so many summer activities I want to do and more importantly, so many summery outfits I want to wear! Below is my end of summer bucket list that's been inspired the August mood board I previously posted on this site. Summertime is too precious to let it slip through my fingers.

1. Take a nearby beach trip
 I want to go to The Hamptons. Even if it's just a day trip. I recently worked a charity event in Water Mill, NY and was instantly intoxicated by the beauty of the area. I can't wait to go back to Water Mill or one of the surrounding Hamptons areas and lounge on the beach or just walk around and site-see.

2. Plan a restaurant crawl
In the NYC area, it's currently Restaurant Week (it actually lasts from July 24th to August 18th instead of just 7 days). This event gave me the idea to add a new activity to my list.... have a 5-course meal but split it up between restaurants! Have your soup, salad, and appetizer at one, the main course at another, and desserts and drinks at the final destination. I want to get a group of people together for this and make a fun night of the event.

3. Go to a vineyard
Last week I went to Rooftop Red's, a rooftop vineyard in Brooklyn, which was lovely, but I still want to hop on a bus to a large vineyard that offers wine tastings and tours. Apparently, Guilt City has amazing deals that include transportation, vineyard tours and food for insane prices. I'm going to check this site religiously for the next few weeks so I can check this off my list without breaking the bank.

4. Host the most epic movie night
I want to get a crew together and have everyone bring their favorite snack to my apartment. Part of me wants to take this idea outdoors and setup cute teepees for us to lounge in, but I know that's a little too ambitious for the time being! It would also fun to have a teepee or fort in the middle of the living room (bathroom access is very important for me because I'm always having to go), so maybe I'll compromise.

5. Throw a fancy picnic or brunch during the day or under the stars
I plan to invite some friends over to cook brunch or dinner with. My friends and I used to do this in college and I miss it so much! Of course, I would want to decorate our backyard with festive lights and beautiful flowers because you can't dine al fresco in a basic environment.

So those are the top 5 ways I plan to celebrate the end of summer with a bang! What did you think of this list? I'd love to hear what's on your end of summer to-do list or the exciting things on your radar! Leave a comment below!

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