Fall 2017 Photo Journal

November 27, 2017

One reason why I find photography to be so inspiring is that one photo is able to tell 1000 stories, has the power to transport you to a faraway land or can give you ideas on how to go after something else you want in life. Although I definitely don’t have the skills to label myself as a professional photographer, there’s something special about capturing memories with the help of a camera or smartphone. Between visiting a harvest farm festival an hour outside of NYC, walking down the beautiful streets of West Village or just taking a moment to look up and appreciate the beautiful lights I’m constantly surrounded by, I’m so happy I decided to start documenting even the smallest things that bring me joy. I hope these photos bring you a little bit of joy too. If you create a fall photo journal, please send me the link! I’d love to get a glimpse of how you spent your fall! Until next time my dears. 

West Village- New York, New York 2017

Harvest Moon Farm and Orchard- Salem, New York 

Macys NYC, Washington Square Park
New York: Macy's, Washington Square Park, Farm

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