Weekly Reads: Memorial Day Edition

May 28, 2018

Photo by Annie Theby 
Happy Memorial Day Weekend! I'm currently writing this post while binge watching Monk in an airbnb. Unfortunately, it's scheduled to continue raining all day, so it looks like indoor activities are the way to go this holiday weekend. Whether it's sunny and bright or raining and grey where you are, I hope you have a weekend full of love and laughter. Until next time my friend! 

Emotional Pick Me Up: I love the Ellen Show. She always spreads so much good! Like this video that made me cry.

Yasss Thank You, Jesus!: The Obamas are working out a deal with Netflix!

Quick Home Workout: This yoga routine is a great workout, is less than 20 minutes long and (best of all) you can do from the comfort of your own home.

We Need To Talk: Amazing dating advice/insight in the era of the fuck boi

Fight For What's Right: Warning, the following links will make you really angry. Or at least, these stories made me really angry, but anger is a great motivator to take action and fight for justice.

Do Good: I just found out about this program that let's you donate beauty products! I have a lot of beauty products that I've accumulated from gift bags and different PR events, so I'm packing up a box next week to send to Project Beauty Share

Aspirational: I want a membership to the new DUMBO House!

Smart Money tip of the week (Because you’re too good to be a broke bitch): How to have a great summer without destroying your bank account/credit.

Wellness: Kristen Bell's advice on dealing with anxiety.

Shop Til You Drop: Here's a list of all the best holiday sales! Oh, and this section contains affiliate links homie. 

Recent Favorite Purchases:

For My ATL People: A ton of places I want to check out the next time I go home to visit.

All Dolled Up: I’m so excited to check out Rihanna's lingerie line! Lingerie has a special place in my life.

Weekly Highs: My boyfriend and I rented an airbnb on a New Jersey island, and this little getaway has been amazing. This quiet little town has been the perfect escape from the hectic city. I'm relaxing that I need a lot more downtime than I did in college. Being in an office, working for other people for 9-10+ hours a day really takes a toll on your body and spirit.

Weekly Lows: As I just mentioned before, being forced to stay at work for 9 hrs a day when I can easily get the work done in 4 or 5 hours is one of the biggest sources of unhappiness in my life. I've gotten to the point where I resent my job, which is crazy because I know how many people are struggling around the globe to find a job and provide for their families... but this doesn't change the fact that I'm far from freaking happy at work. (I love my coworkers but the social media aspect of my job is taking a toll on my mental wellness) At lease I'm young and can use this current job as a stepping stone to my dream career. And in the meantime, I'll use money to motivate me at work and remind myself that this expereince is making me a lot stronger.

I'd love to hear what your weekly high and low has been. Please leave a comment below and let me know! We can celebrate and conquer together.


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