June 2018 Mood Board: Jet-Setter

June 8, 2018

Photo by Ryan Christodoulou, Sonnie Hiles , Ian Keefe , Annie Spratt , Roberto Nickson (@g) ,Alexandre Chambon 

I remember the days when summer meant long days by the pool, nature hikes with friends and trips to new destinations. Now that I'm a full-time adult (ew), I don't have the luxury to spend the summer traveling to different beaches or studying abroad in Europe. But just because I have a year-round nine-to-five, doesn't mean I can't daydream about jet-setting around the globe. And since I have summer Fridays, that means I am free to fill up this summer with weekend trips. This month, I've been obsessed with planning trips I can and can't afford quite yet. Planning future trips of a lifetime keeps me inspired and motivated to work my ass off so I can make these dreams become a reality. I hope this post inspires you to plan and start saving for a magical trip of your own. Let me know what's inspiring you this month. Lot's of love, and of course, thanks for taking a moment of your day to read my post. Your support means the world to me. Happy travels my friend!

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