My 2019 F*** It List: All the things I'm telling to F*** off & let go of this year

January 2, 2019

Photo: Nia Washington

We are blessed to ring in the new year and I’m so grateful that I have a source of income, a loving partner, loyal friends and to still have my mom and brother despite the rough year they both had with their health. I’m a firm believer in positive thinking, setting intentions and making moves to have the lives we want... but sometimes you might need a break from being positive. I know I’ve been in a very angry and frustrated place lately, so before I reflect on the lessons I learned in 2018 and figure out what steps I should take in 2019 to get closer to my goals, I’m writing a fuck it list. Why? Because I am taking more control in my life, fighting for what I want and letting go of the rest. So without further ado, here is a list of everything I’m saying “fuck that shit” to in 2019:

F*** being forced to do shit that I shouldn't be doing.
F*** overspending money on clothes and products I don’t need as a form of retail therapy. 
F*** putting poor quality food in my body that leaves me feeling sluggish and disgusting.
F*** making excuses for skipping the gym.
F*** letting micro managers steal my joy and control my emotions.
F*** stressing out about my family’s health because I’m not Jesus, and no matter how much I agonize over it, my fear won’t magically make them better.
F*** ignoring my own health issues and avoiding the doctor.
F*** these panic attacks. I don't need to have my life picture perfect so why am I putting so much pressure on myself? 
F*** being a little brat and not making extra money on the side of work. 
F*** letting my job suck all of my energy away. 
F*** binge drinking and feeling like crap the next day. 
F*** beating myself up for giving myself a rest day.
F*** stressing out about the economy because the next recession will come when it comes. 
F*** telling myself that I don’t have the skills to have the career of my dreams or a higher paying job. 
F*** letting nasty peoples' energy consume me and drag me down with them. 
F*** being disrespected by others - it’s time to take a self-Defense class (ps my boyfriend is the most respectful person I’ve ever met so this is a comment for all the men who catcall or curse us out after we reject them).
F*** living in a cluttered space with things I never use. 
F*** being financially irresponsible so I can live with who I want and where I want. 
F*** letting the annoying people in my life get the best of me. 

Honestly, this list could go on and on but I know you don’t have all day. I feel so much better after shedding off the dark emotional layers I've been carrying recently. Now it’s your turn to make a fuck it list. Share at least 3 things you're letting go of in the new year. Think of this like a non-PC spiritual cleanse. You’ll feel soooooooooo much better once you do. Now let’s go forth and get to freaking work. Because we’re done being miserable. Not today Satan, not today. 

Thanks so much for reading my message. I hope you feel as liberated after this exercise as I do. Until next time my friend. 


  1. Three things on my list:
    F*** not putting my full effort into achieving the career I want.
    F*** everyone that attempts to make me feel that I’m inadequate — they’re simply trying to rock my confidence, because my self love scares the f*** out of them.
    F*** not making the money I want to be making. Will be finding more ways to execute the hustle!

    *whew, that was refreshing.


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