Weekly Finds: Budget Friendly Flirty Maxi & Midi Skirts/Dresses

May 15, 2019

Photo by Mary Skovpen

I've recently become obsessed with midi and maxi skirts. I love how elegant and classy they are. And after I saw this video of Brighton Kheller in this Reformation skirt with a high slit, I fell in love!! I've been thinking about this skirt for a few weeks - wanting it but not wanting to drop that much dough on a singular skirt (although Reformation is a sustainable website, and I'm sure I would wear this lovely piece a ton this summer on dates and frolicking around the city), so I've been on the hunt for a dupe. Then, my brilliant friend MaryAshlyn told me that she found a skirt just like it on Shein.

I had completely forgotten to look there. And guess what y'all,  I found a pretty great dupe for a fraction of the price. I found a few other amazing pieces during my massive hunt as well and thought I would share. These prices are super affordable if you're on a really tight budget like I am. One day, I would love to evolve away from purchasing fast fashion clothing, but for now, my budget isn't large enough to only shop at sustainable stores. So if you're looking for a few budget-friendly and cute pieces, check out the highlighted items below. I already purchased my favorite pieces below (will share a review when they arrive) and I'll be rewarding myself with some of the other items after I meet various financial, career and health goals this month. What goals are you going to reward yourself for this month?

P.S., be sure to read the reviews and look at the clothing measurements for each item. This is key when ordering from a wholesale site like Shein, and don't forget to check out their plus size section where there are similar styles!

I also wanted to share this amazing green polka dot dress with you guys. It captured my roommate's and my heart! So obviously I bought it. Let me know if you love it as much as we do. I am a sucker for maxi dresses with flirty elements like a wrap neckline and a high slit. This dress was too good to pass up.

Link Here 

 As always, thanks for reading this post and supporting me. I truly do love you.

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