Pre-Fall Musings: my pre-fall wardrobe staples

August 4, 2019

So it looks like high summer is quickly coming to an end. Although I love the ease and laidback vibe that comes around every summer, I'm getting really excited to start transitioning my closet for fall again! I am longing to pair long blazers with mini dresses, but the idea of wearing that outfit when it's 90 degrees and I have to walk a minimum of 40 minutes a day does not sound even remotely appealing. But the weather isn't going to stop me from getting excited to plan fun pre-fall outfits.

I wanted to share a few items I'm lusting after for the upcoming season. This fall, I want to channel my inner boss/bad b***h. And yes, I know how corny that sounds. But I am committed to feeling confident, strong and sexy in a tasteful way, and my appearance plays a part in that. When I like my outfit, I instantly have a little pep in my step.  And I am craving a pep in my step lately. I want to transform into a better version of myself this fall, and I want to show up for myself 7 days of the week... because right now, I've only been showing up like 3 days a week lol. Are you planning to level up your wardrobe this fall? Feel free to tell me what's on your wishlist in the comments below! And let me know which item in my list speaks the most to you. Happy planning y'all, and thank you so much for stopping by to read this post.

The Luxe List - My Pre-Fall Shopping List

  • High-quality dainty gold necklaces: I am so freaking sick of my cute gold coin necklaces and layered pendants rusting because I only paid $40 for them from a fast-fashion retailer. I get so attached to them, so it's time to invest in one or two timeless layering pieces that I will have for years to come. 
  • Satin Slip Dresses or Skirt: I love the chic and sexy silhouettes that these pieces usually create and with literally zero effort on our end. You just throw it on and instantly, your look is elevated. 
  • Plunging Polka-Dot Top: Ok, well I actually want this exact top by Lorna Luxe. Like, I really really need it. And it will be available to buy on August 5th! 
  • Long Blazers: So I already ordered this long white blazer, and I cannot wait for it to arrive! I am going to wear it with sooooooo many mini dresses, (aka the dress below) mini skirts and shorts. My favorite way to wear a short hemline is to pair it with a long jacket that covers my butt. In my opinion, that is the best way to add a touch of class to a sexy outfit. 
  • Cheetah Mini Dress: I've been wanting to add a cheetah dress to my wardrobe for a few months now but never bit the bullet. This one is absolutely perfect though, so it will be my weekly treat to myself. And I'll give up brunch for the weekend in order to save some money. 
  • Comfy Square Heels: I swore I wouldn't jump on this trend, but now I really like it lol.
  • Mini Skirts with Side Slit: I'm obsessed with this cut. Showing off my legs is one of my favorite things to do, so I will take advantage of any and all weather that allows me to rock a bare leg look. period.  

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