My Go-To Fall Uniforms: Chic and Easy Fall Outfits

October 6, 2019

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2019 has gone by way faster than I would prefer, but when does life ever go as planned? At least it finally fall! The crisp air, sunny walks, cozy fires, camping, layered fashion, al fresco dinners, beautiful foliage... uh, fall activities are so incredible. I love how active we can be without sweating to death. And we can look cute without sweating through our outfits, so it's no surprise that I love fall. I love wearing nice outfits, but I hate spending a lot of time getting ready. So I kind of gravitate towards a few tried and true outfit formulas each fall.

Uniform Number One: Plaid Mini Skirt + Chunky Sweater

I love how sexy and chic, yet relaxed this combo is. You get to be cozy while showing some leg during these cooler months. When the weather starts to cool down, I always pair mini skirts with taller socks or even knee-high socks. This adds an even sexier element to the outfit while still keeping you warm and fashionable.

Uniform Number Two: Blazer + Mini Skirt/Dress, Shorts or Ripped Jeans 

To me, this outfit screams "I'm a posh,  bad bitch," and that is ALWAYS a vibe I will gravitate towards. Whenever I wear this tried and true uniform, I feel like Victoria Beckham. If I want a dressier look, I will pair this outfit with sleek heels or tall booties. If I'm planning on walking a lot, I'll wear with black or white sneakers. Either way, this outfit formula gives me a huge rush of confidence. I always feel so powerful and put together in a blazer...even if my life is kind of a shit show IRL.

Uniform Number Three: Leggings + Basic Crop Tee + Booties (or chic sneakers) + Statement Trench or Wool Coat

If I want to feel like I'm wearing PJs all day but still wear a powerful outfit, this is my ideal get-up for the day. I love leggings, especially thick, high-quality ones that keep me warm and shape my butt. Although this outfit formula sounds beyond basic and extremely boring at first glance, once you pair these items with a cool trench coat or a fun wool coat, this outfit becomes a show stopper. I gravitate towards classic pieces that have been updated with unexpected twists. I recently got a blue, piped trench from Talbots and it's one of my favorite pieces for the season (it was on sale the other week, so I'm sure it will go on sale again). Adding a trench coat in an unexpected color or fabric is a great way to add a little fun to your wardrobe. I also LOVE the yellow wool coat I got last year from a sample sale at work. I really don't believe a fall wardrobe is complete without a great wool coat. They are so chic and warm but not heavy to walk around in. They are perfect for southern falls where the season is typically relatively warm compared to the north.

I hope these outfit formulas help you easily get dressed this season and help you feel confident every time you step out the door. I am a firm believer that putting time and effort into how we present ourselves to the world helps us feel good about ourselves. Obviously, wearing a cute outfit is not the magic pill to never feeling horrid again, but it is a great way to prove to yourself that you care about yourself and want the best for yourself. Whenever I show up for myself in this way, I always have an extra surge of energy flowing through me for the day. I hope these outfits do the same for you. What outfits do you wear on repeat in the fall that also helps
you feel put together? I'd love for you to share below! And thank you for spending time to read my blog! I hope you have an incredible day. Until next time my friend.

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