Dressed to the Nines: Holiday Glamour Shop

December 19, 2019

Getting dressed up makes any day extra special. Although I will always love lounging around in my grey joggers/sweatpants, the holiday season usually provides multiple opportunities to get dressed up and celebrate. Between charity galas, work festivities, friendly gatherings and NYE, the chances to dress to the nines are abundant! And even if you don't feel like getting dressed up and being in a large crowd, it is just as much fun to dress up for an intimate date night at home or invite a few friends over for a dressy dinner party. No one can really judge you for going all out during this time of year. The holidays are meant to be celebrated, and we can do so in a financially responsible way. I rounded up a few holiday accessories and dresses that I have my eye on this holiday season, but tbh, I'll be wearing most of these pieces all winter long for any special occasion that comes my way. Cheers to celebrating the end of the year in style. And thanks for spending a little part of your day with me. Sending you all the love and in the world.

Glitz and Glam Accessories

Glitz and Glam Dresses

Happy Holidays


  1. Wow love this post, and I love that you always include affordable options! So many cute options and so glam! Happy holidays!

    1. Aw you are the sweetest!!! Thanks Andrea! Happy Holidays to you too!


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