Weekend Reset: Finding My Way Back Through Wanderlust

August 8, 2020 New York, NY, USA

Photo by Adele Payman 

I know I am not alone when I say it has been really hard to find happiness lately. Now that my life has gotten very busy, I hate to admit that I am finding it very hard to locate the energy to do the things that I know will bring me joy and restore me. I'm also finding it hard to follow through on some of my responsibilities, and for me, that's a sign that my mental health is not being prioritized (oops - time to fix that). 

We are also only a week away from when I should have been flying to Greece to spend an incredible week with some of my favorite people. Granted, the heath of myself, my loved ones and my community is my main concern at the moment, but that doesn't make the loss of such an iconic experience any easier. There's a lot going on in the world and a lot going on in our lives, so giving ourselves grace is much needed right now. 

That being said, I am allowing myself to check out and mentally escape this weekend. Although I pretty much have to work 7 days a week right now, I really REALLY need to prioritize my wellbeing. Paying off my student loans and consumer debt won't matter if I'm in the hospital due to my mental and physical health crumbling. Don't get me wrong, I'm very grateful to have multiple sources of income again, but it's my job to learn how to navigate this new lifestyle in a healthy way that works for me.  And let me tell yall, it's a STRUGGLE right now, but I'm 1000% confident that I will figure it out... thanks to the amazing resources that can be found on the internet.  

So now, how do I plan to feel like myself in a short amount of time... without spending any money? 

Visual/art therapy my friends! Getting lost in a beautiful magazine and looking at dreamy photos on Pinterest usually fills my soul with hope and inspiration, and I'm sure you are the same way. Right now, I need an exciting vision to hold onto. Life has to be more than just working or stressing out about finding work and paying bills. To me, working 24/7 is not a way of life, it is a form of prison. And idk about you, but the past few seasons of life have been brutal enough - its time to let the sunshine in and chase joy. I hope these photos help you mentally escape and inspire your future adventures!

What's your favorite way to quickly refresh when life starts to feel drab? I'd love to hear below! Thanks so much for taking a moment to read this post. Your support means the world to me, and I wish you and your loved ones a safe and joyful weekend. 

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