March Muses: This Spring is about to get Sprung

March 8, 2021

Photo by Ellieelien 

Yay!! It's finally spring... or at least the weather is acting like it's spring, therefore I will act like it's spring. 60 degrees weather in NYC basically means it's time to hit the streets in a bomb outfit and embrace the glamour that this city has to offer. Ah! I'm so excited. I can't wait to embrace this spring and become more of the woman I want to be. I always have more energy in the spring which means I can...
  • Commit to my morning and evening wellness routines 
  • Get back in a healthier fitness routine
  • Put effort into my physical presentation before heading into work or running errands... cuz let me tell you, I can't even get coffee in NYC or JC without running into really cute guys
  • Have the energy to cook healthy and delicious meals 
  • Explore the beauty of this city on foot without freezing my ass off 
  • And enjoy al fresco meals in the warm sun. 
  • Plan a nice vacation for the near future - I am optimistic that things will be a lot safer this summer/fall, and I am itching to spend a weekend sailing and drinking wine in a nice, sunny isolated spot. 

I can't wait to just be in nice, warm weather - it really is such a game-changer for mental health. Here are a few more things I'm currently inspired by this month.

 Cheers to a magical new season! Let's hope it's a lot better than the last. Stay safe, and thanks for taking a moment to read this post.

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