Weekly Pick-Me Up: Vol 1

July 13, 2021

Photo by Will Truettner 

Idk why (well actually, I’m 99% sure it’s because it’s almost that time of the month for me) but I have been in a pretty bad mood ever since I got back from Italy. Because summer is so short and sweet, and I don’t want to spend another week feeling down and out. After all, this is supposed to be hot girl summer, not sad girl summer or mad girl summer. I just want to feel all the positive vibes... but positivity is something I'm really struggling to hold on to right now. 

Although we are all for processing our emotions, staying in a funk for a week+ is not the vibe I want right now. So I’m surrounding myself with a lot of positive quotes, books, podcasts and people. Here are a few quotes I found last night that reminded me to take a moment, breathe, and accept that life is messy and sometimes uncontrollable and everything will be ok. I hope these quotes add a little inspiration to your week like they are for mine. 

And here are a few books I'm leaning on this week to reset my attitude and see the positive side of life right now. 

Thanks for spending a moment of your day to read and support my dreams. Sending you lots of love! Until next time my friend 

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