Merry and Bright: December Activities Advent Calendar

December 1, 2021


Photo by Jan Romero 

Oops, another month soared by and I unintentionally took a hiatus from my beloved blog. As you can see, consistency is a skill I'm still trying to master. Oy, at least I have something to work towards its month. But it feels sooo good to sit down and dedicate time to putting my thoughts and creative passions on virtual paper. And today, I want to focus on making a savvy bucket list to celebrate the holiday season. 

We all know how stressful this time of year can be between the busy work season, family obligations and the heavy cost of the gift-giving and travel season BUT that is not what we are focusing on this year. We are not going to live in a state of stress, burn-out, or fear this year! We are going to find small (and sometimes grand) ways to celebrate every single day for the month of December. 

I truly do love this time of year. There's beauty everywhere we look, and although a lot of us are experiencing grief in some shape or form, there is something powerful about embracing the highs and the lows of the season. No matter what chapter of life you're in right now, I am wishing that each day has a little magic in it. 

  1. Watch a holiday-themed episode of your favorite sitcom to wind down from the day. 
  2. DECORATE!! If you haven’t already! Or stock up on amazon
  3. Play christmas music & make a festive cocktail 
  4. Fun ornament shopping - I love finding a new, quirky ornament each year for the tree!
  5. Holiday movie marathon + drinking game if you want to step it up a notch
  6. Grab or make fancy hot chocolate and look at holiday lights/ holiday displays
  7. Read a holiday book in a cozy environment 
  8. Puzzle party!! Aka drink wine and out together fun winter puzzles
  9. Get dressed up to the nines for no freaking reason and go to a fancy dinner... or a frugal dinner or just out to drinks - all are fun!
  10. Holiday photoshoot
  11. Holiday market day!! 
  12. Explore a new hood with pretty lights 
  13. Holiday botanical gardens! 
  14. See the rockettes or a holiday play (or stream online with snacks)
  15. Put on a holiday movie while having an at home spa day 
  16. Fun holiday-themed nails like these!!
  17. Have a baking day while blasting holiday music
  18. Go shopping for others & donate toys/clothing + adopt a family 
  19. Volunteer day
  20. Holiday brunch with friends! 
  21. Wear a festive holiday sweater 
  22. Make a fun holiday craft - like wreath building, stocking decorating, ornament decorating day!! 
  23. Have a game night! 
  24. Visit a museum 
  25. Dress up for the ballet or opera!! Dress up even if you just stream it from home
  26. Bonus Activities: Head to a cute coffee shop and set goals/intentions for the new year 
  27. Leave treats for your local delivery people 
  28. Festive breakfast for dinner! 
  29. Treat yourself to something luxe you’ve had your eyes on
  30. Clean out your closet or a cluttered area to make room for the new year! 
  31. Stay in pjs all day!! 
  32. Host or go to holiday high tea!! 
  33. Head to the movies and sneak in your favorite snacks
  34. Sit by a cozy fire and make smores 
    1. Don’t have a fireplace or a backyard? Grab a city bonfire (portable bonfire in a candle-like form) or head to a local spot that has a fireplace 
  35. Check out a festive bar and grab a spectacular drink 
  36. Hunt for the perfect Christmas tree
  37. Do a random act of kindness 
  38. Write a letter to santa - aka yourself cuz we grown-ass adults! But write a letter about everything you want in the next year and how proud of yourself you are 
  39. Give a gift to a complete stranger 

Thanks again for taking a moment to read this post and support my little ole site. Until next time my friend.

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