Spring Musings: A love letter to brighter days ahead

March 17, 2024

"The beautiful spring came; and when Nature resumes her loveliness, the human soul is apt to revive also." - Harriet Ann Jacobs

Spring is truly such a magical and enchanting season. The sunny, whimsical season completely breathes new life into me and restores my faith in myself when it comes to creating a life well-lived. For the past year, I've honestly felt so drained. Like I have nothing to give to myself and nothing to give to others. Like all hope in a brighter future is gone because I'm too "behind" in life.  And I hate that feeling; mainly because those thoughts are LIES. But also because I show up in my life and operate at a higher level when I'm navigating life with a positive mindset. And I hate that I lost that positive outlook for a prolonged period. 

 But lately…. I've felt a glimmer of my old self. The person who’s excited about life. Who finds small ways to romanticize even the most mundane parts of my day. The person who loves playing dress up and sees the good in the world. The person who creates vision boards of the places I want to travel to and window shops for the outfits I'll wear during these travels. The person who is excited to connect with others and pour love into the world. I’ve missed that version of me. But with the overdue warmth of spring, I’m starting to get her back. And I couldn't be more excited. 

This year has forced me to go through a cleansing era, so to speak. All the issues I'd been brushing under the rug are resurfacing, and I know this may sound masochistic, but I'm really grateful for the painful Spring Cleaning season I WAS experiencing (key word is was because we are speaking positivity over our lives today). 

Because I'm releasing so much heavy energy, I'm feeling so much lighter this season. And that means I'm able to show up for myself in the ways I was previously neglectful. One annoying thing I've come to accept about myself is that for me to continue feeling light, invigorated, and inspired, I have to take really good fucking care of myself and find ways to make the smallest, "boring" parts of my day euphoric and extraordinary. Showing up like that is hard work for someone who has chronic depression (aka me), but moving through the rough emotions and being disciplined with how I take care of myself is always, always, always worth the extra effort. 

I still have a lot of work to do to get back into the mindset of wholeheartedly believing in myself and in my dreams, and daydreaming about all the magical muses spring brings is a huge part of that process. 

Here are a few of my monthly muses that are restoring my soul:

  1. Colorful dresses 
  2. Pastel tweed sets 
  3. Bright Pilates outfits 
  4. Alfresco lunches 
  5. Lavender ice lattes
  6. Picnics in the park 
  7. Long walks along the water 
  8. Rooftop happy hours 
  9. Open-towed shoes 
  10. Trench coats 
  11. Beautiful floral blooms 
  12. Reading under a shady tree 
  13. Outdoor paint & sip sessions
  14. Dancing under the stars 
  15. Dressing up for Sexy stiletto heels dance classes and pole dancing classes 
  16. Relaxing in an outdoor pool during a spa trip 
  17. Dirty martini breaks during shopping sprees 
  18. Weekend getaways 
  19. Podcast walks with fruit-infused water 
  20. Garden dinner parties 
  21. Outdoor lunch breaks 
  22. Walking barefoot in the grass 
  23. Sipping smoothies right after going to a workout class with a friend 
  24. Fresh, dewy makeup looks 
  25.  Dressing up for outdoor first, second, and third dates (and hopefully, more once I find love)
  26. Picking out fresh fruit and veggies at the farmer's market 
  27. Dancing the night away 
  28. Meandering through one of the beautiful neighborhoods I live near (Paulus Hook, Hamilton Park, West Village, Cobble Hill, Dumbo, Tribeca, Soho, Brooklyn Heights, Harlem)
  29. Purging my wardrobe and belongings during a fun spring cleaning weekend 
  30. Discovering a waterfall on a beautiful hike 
The list goes on and on, but these are a few things I'm fighting for this spring. Life has a way of breaking our hearts, but there are so many beautiful things to cherish that make life worth living, and sometimes we just need a little reminder of how beautiful this life can be. 

Shop my Spring Muses Edit below. 

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