A New Chapter

June 1, 2016

Nineteen days have passed since I graduated from the University of Georgia, and for the past 19 days I have lived with the label of "unemployed". Everyone that knows me on a personal level knows that I am not the type of girl to sit around and not chase her dreams. I always have a plan. I always have goals, and I do everything in my power to meet those goals by the deadline I establish. Essentially, I get what I want because I work until my dreams become a reality. Unfortunately, I did not get what I wanted, and what I wanted was to graduate with a job in fashion PR in NYC.

These past 19 days, actually the past six months, have been pretty emotional for me. One word continues to pop up in my head...failure. Now, I realize that there are a TON of recent college grads that are in my exact situation. BUT, a lot of my friends are living the dream and have accepted their ideal entry-level positions. In order to avoid feelings of jealousy or despair, there are a couple of things I do to remind myself that I am on my own, unique path and everything will, in fact, be alright.
I Seek Out Inspiration 
One of my motivational go-tos are Ted Talks. There are so many that have impacted my outlook on life. Below is one of my favorites because it emphasizes the importance of focusing on the things you can control (your actions) to help you achieve a goal instead of the goal itself.

I Journal
One of my favorite blogs is Career Girl Daily. I read it religiously, and one post explored the idea of keeping a stress log. I encourage everyone to do so too, because I insatiably feel better  whenever I write down what's bothering me. Not only does this journaling process allow me to vent, but it also frees up mental space and makes it possible for me to brainstorm ways to overcome my obstacles.
I Practice Gratitude 
Mindfulness is key to realizing all of the toxic things we tell ourselves and to putting a stop to it. Two things I love doing to clear my head are meditating at the end of a yoga session and writing in my Five Minute Journal. I can honestly admit that there have been some days where I cannot bring myself to get out of bed until I reflect on the positive things in my life. Plus, the authors made a free PDF version so everyone can enjoy it. I personally love hardback journals though and think of purchases like this as investments for my mental health.
Now that you know the methods I use to cope with the pressure of finding a job, I'd love to hear what you guys do. Comment below. Deep in my heart, I know everything will work out in the end. Sometimes, my brain just needs a reminder too.
Source: Photo by Mary Ashlynn

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