Summer Must Haves: The Basics

June 3, 2016

Summer Must Haves: The Basics

When the temperature reaches 90° by noon, this is my reality since I'm currently in Georgia, it can be hard to look good when you are busy fighting the humidity and heat. That's why my summer fashion tends to be simple, but simple doesn't have to mean boring. Above are some the basic pieces and accessories I use to look chic in a letter of seconds. 

1. Chokers 
I've been obsessed with this style since last fall, and I'm so happy that it's continued. This returned 90's trend adds a little bit of edge to any outfit but can also be extremely elegant. Try layering a choker with a thin pendant necklace or a few dainty pieces. 

2. Ankle-Strap Heeled Sandals 
My number one go to are heeled sandals. I need them in every single color. These shoes can be styled elegantly or casually, and ties any outfit together. Make sure to get some with a thick, low heel so you will be comfortable all day. I've literally walked a mile in mine and didn't even flinch. I've even walked a train track in them, which my friends were amazed to see and gained me another bad bitch badge. 

3. Strappy Lace Bralette
Thank the lord blalettes are always in season. Nothing is worse than bra-generated boob sweat, but blares minimize that problem while making you look ultra feminine. In general, bras are annoying, so if I can opt out of wearing one (get bralettes with underwire and adjustable straps if you are blessed/cursed with a lot up top like me) I will.  I love how this simple addition to an outfit can turn any basic v-neck into a fashionable piece.

4. Rose Gold Nail Polish 
I know summer is all about bright colors and sunshine, but if you work in a corporate setting or a specialty store, these colors might be against the dress code. A muted rose gold color is the perfect way to have the best of both worlds. I just get happy when I look at my nails, but this color doesn't draw too much attention to itself. 

Now that you know my must-haves, let me know what you gravitate to in a hurry in the comments below.

P.S. If you need to look put together in a matter of seconds, go for a white top with black accessories. Zero effort + basic colors = effortlessly chic 


Summer Must Haves: The Basics by nia-washington featuring black suede shoes

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