October Mood Board

October 13, 2017

Photos: Ganapathy KumarBernd Schulz , Corey BlazBrigitte Tohm , Autumn Mott

I’ve never been one to take my horoscope too seriously, but man, my October horoscope was dead on. It said I should expect upsets in my personal life and boy did I. Luckily, I truly believe that the negative events (which I already wrote about but haven’t decided when to share with you guys) are behind me. I’ve been working really hard to get out of my recent negative and victim-like mindset because let’s get real... life is pretty great regardless of any setbacks and feeling sorry for myself doesn’t move me closer to my goals at all! So cheers to a mid-month reset! There’s so much I’m excited for this month. October is my favorite month because of all the fall activities and Halloween. I hope you enjoy my moodboard. I am focusing on bringing more love, seasonal fun, positivity and productivity into my life this month. What are you focusing on? 

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