The Weekly Brief #2: I'm Falling For Fall

October 8, 2017

Photo by John Mccann 

I was so excited last weekend because it finally felt like fall in the city and it was glorious! Now the weather is playing games again... it's back to 80+ degrees, but I'm going to pretend like it's still sweater weather. This week flew by but dragged on at the same time. I have a lot on my October bucket list and I don't want to miss a moment of my favorite month. Anyway, here are some things from around the web I found this week. I hope your weekend has been filled with magic and happiness!

Emotional pick-me-up: With the tragic mass shooting last Monday, I think everyone needs a nice reminder that there is still more love in the world than evil. The Ellen Show created this awesome video compilation to remind us all of that.

How to help-ways to give back or stand up for a cause today: text to stop gun violence. I signed up for this little program and was able to text a message to my senators. I also opted to be alerted via text for more opportunities to contribute to the gun control conversation. No matter what your views are, you have the right to speak your mind,  and you have the right to be heard by your representatives. But regardless, I think our nation agrees as a whole that gun violence has to stop. If you want to get involved, text ACT to 64433.

Shop til you drop-the best sales this week (this section contains affiliate links, but don't worry, I'm buying pretty much everything below too. Thanks for supporting my blog!)

  • Old Navy: The Colossal Fall Sale – Up to 50% off sitewide, valid through 10/10. 

  • OFF 5th: The Cold Weather Event – Take an extra 30% off cashmere, outerwear, fur, and accessories, valid through 10/10. 

  •  Nordstrom Rack: Take an additional 25% off clearance for total savings of over 75% off from 10/6 – 10/9. 

 Menu: I really want to make these gluten free, no-bake brownies the next time I visit one of my gluten-free best friends.

 Get fit: I love following along with this video when I want a quick burst of endorphins but don't have time to go to the gym. Plus, this video is only 10 minutes long and you don't even have to get out of bed to do it!

Smart Money tip of the week (Because you’re too good to be a broke bitch): @momoneymoprogress  is one of my  favorite finance accounts on IG. It's pretty entertaining, informative and inspiring.

I’ve got the music in me: I’ve been listening to Come Clean by Hilary duff on repeat this weekend. I have no shame. That song takes me back to the simple days.

Drink up: Apple Cider Mimosas! Dear lord I cannot wait to try this fall spin on my favorite drink

Pop quiz: I took this buzzed quiz to see what I need in a man... buzzed knows me better than I know myself, and I don't know how they always do it!

Favorite quote: “Don’t wish it were easier, wish you were better.”

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