Weekly Reads 11.16.18

November 16, 2018

Photo by Filip Zrnzević

We saw our first snowfall yesterday! What we thought was going to be a light mist of snow for 2 hours ended up being a non-stop snowstorm that shut down a lot of the city. Luckily, I didn’t have to deal with any of the horrors that some of my friends did on their commute home. I had a seamless commute back to my bed after a long workday and for that, I’m super grateful. Now it’s Friday and it’s time to enjoy the weekend. I am still battling a cold, but I’m excited to rest for most of the weekend and rejuvenate because I am physically and emotionally tired. I’m excited to set aside time to reset… now I just have to follow through with my quiet weekend. Anyway, I hope you like the links I rounded up this week!! I hope you dive into these links with a nice glass of wine while wearing the comfiest PJs and some seasonal candles to create the coziest ambiance. You deserve a soothing night in.  

Happy Holidays!
Yes, yes and YES!!!! The extravagant holiday window displays lining 5th Ave are officially back. I love grabbing hot apple cider and walking around at night to see the beautiful displays. This is a fun, free and inspiring activity I have no shame doing by myself but if you want to make it a little more fun, grab a friend and spike your apple ciders. Then head somewhere for live music and warm food. Ah, there’s nothing like NYC during the holidays.

Chanel is redesigning its flagship store in NYC… I’m so excited I could cry. It’s 5 freaking stories and basically looks like an art gallery. It’s my goal to buy a classic quilted Chanel bag this year, and now I know which store to grab it from.

Shop Til You Drop: Time to start mapping out your Black Friday gameplan. Check out this list here to know where to go. You’re welcome lol.

This is the funniest podcatst!!! Great for something comical to listen to at work. It’s freaking WILD. They talk about the craziest, most inappropriate stuff, drag everything and everyone, touch on mental health and bring up important issues but discuss them in a more digestible way and the questions that listeners write in with legit have my dying laughing on the subway. My life would be incomplete without The Read Podcast.  

This is a good freaking post: Getting out of your own way

I wanna go camping! And this is a good guide for that https://camillestyles.com/travel/how-to-have-the-perfect-camping-weekend/

Shopping cart: I need more plaid in my life!  

Get Well: Organic vitamins by Alicia aka Cher from Clueless… did you know that most vitamins are a complete scam and are actually bad for you!!! Watch this video and tell me you don’t want to make some major nutrition changes

Reading List: The Inspired Home Fall/Winter edition! My new obsessions! Not only did it feel luxurious to read, but it was so inspiring and focused mainly on health/ wellness

Tech Touchbase: Interesting article… maybe we should start following some of these rules.   

Well Rounded: Yay! Gratitude worksheet!

Weekly Highs and Lows

Honestly, I don’t have the energy to reflect deeply on this because the week was a blur. From late night work events, battling a cold and trying to be productive outside of work, I can already tell I need a lot of help when it comes to naturally generating energy. But I can share that I started Better Help this week and I already really like it! Plus, I get assigned wellness worksheets, and there’s nothing I like more than a good worksheet because I love organizing my thoughts on paper. I’d love to hear what your highs and lows were this week though!

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