January Luxe List

January 17, 2018

Shopping List, Wish List, Winter Must haves

Winter Musthaves, January wish list

I'm going to keep  today's post short and simple. This month, I've been craving a few items that legitimately bring me joy. Everything in this month's list are things that have been on my wish list for months. My rule of thumb is, if something has been on my mind for multiple weeks, I give myself permission to buy it without feeling guilty. It's nice to treat yourself every now and then (or frequently because life is short), and honestly, the snow boots are a necessaity this winter in the NYC area. The only thing I won't be getting this month is the Chanel bag... but I am starting a savings account dedicated to buying it. Now it's only a matter of time until that classic bag is mine. What's on your wish list this month? And btw, the items below are affiliate links, so if you shop below, I get a small commission. Thank you for supporting my blog; I love you guys more than you know. Until next time my loves!

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