Weekly Update 01.20.18

January 20, 2018

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Wanderlust: Need a mini-retreat? I know I do, and these top liked Airbnbs around the world (a lot are right here in the USA) have me checking flight prices.

I also found this article about 5 under-the-radar french cities to visit… I need to go to all of them this year! It’s happening because I said so.

And if you’re looking to check more festivals off your list this year, here are 11 amazing festivals around the world that we should all start saving for.

Smart Money tip of the week (Because you’re too good to be a broke bitch): It's Not Just HQ Trivia: These 10 Apps Will Legit Make You Money - Girlboss.com Multiple streams of income are always better than one honey.

Get fit: Everything you need to know about an anti-inflammatory diet.

Shop til you drop: Spotlight sale of the week: Stuart Weitzman is offering up to 50% off until 1/31, so if you want an investment piece of designer, quality over the knee boots, now’s your chance to get them at a fraction of the price!

And here are some of my favorite budget finds from the week featuring Stuart Weitzman and Shein (an amazing wholesale site) just in time for Valentine’s Day. I love this website, but you have to read every single item’s measurements and reviews because the sizes really vary. If you don’t know your measurements, grab a tape measure from your kitchen so you can know your accurate size. Oh, and this section includes affiliate links.

Live Well: Here’s a cute and helpful infographic breaking down easy ways for us to take care of ourselves. The ABCs to self-care.  

Menu: I heard about Snow Days NYC one day at work this week. Honestly, I don’t care that it’s winter; I need to try this dessert place ASAP!

What the world needs is love: It’s no secret that our world has some pretty f*ed up people in it, but here are two legitimate ways to contribute to making the world a better place today.
  • Help the children. There is a disgusting and heart-breaking epidemic going on in Pakistan right now. If you haven’t heard about the protests in Pakistan to take down a pedophile ring that’s been abusing and killing little children, you can read about it here. I haven't found a site explaining exactly how to help, but we can at least spread awareness and align ourselves with organizations that fight to end human trafficking. #
  • Help Rohingya Refugees in Myanmar and Bangladesh who have gone through actual hell. Read more about the crisis here.

Weekly Wins
1.) This week was my bday! I’m now 24; and oddly, I feel more secure. 23 was a mother effing rough ass year, and 24 already feels calmer. There’s something about even numbered years. Things just seem to fall into place. Plus, I feel more grateful for everything nowadays. My constant “don’t listen to the negative voice inside my head” exercises are finally paying off.  Plus, my birthday is the perfect excuse to treat myself to a few things off my monthly luxe list..aka wish list. Check it out here.

2. ) Riverdale came back. Y’all, my roommate and I are obsessed with this show, and I’m not ashamed to admit it. Also, I get so much fashion inspiration from Riverdale. That’s a key factor for me becoming obsessed with a show.

3. I got back in my gym flow. I didn’t make it to all of my classes, but I made it to 3, which is a lot better than zero. And I went to power yoga, which completely whipped my butt. I was limping all day at work, but at least I know I’m one step closer to my fitness goals.

Weekly Ls
1.)Not waking up early. I’ve been trying to wake up around 6am every morning, but it just did not happen this week. I’m getting myself used to a morning routine so I have time to meditate, spend some time surfing the internet, work on my blog and take my time while getting ready for work. Next week, I’m committing to going to bed between 10:30 and 11pm. I know next week is my week to master this.

2.)Blowing my budget. Since it was my birthday week, so I gave myself permission to blow the weekly budget and eat out way more than I should have. Now I'm ready to get back on my meal prepping game and save some precious deniero.

3.)The House of Horrors in California. If you haven’t heard, 13 siblings were held captive and tortured by their parents. It’s a blessing that one of the siblings escaped and now all 13 siblings are receiving medical and psychiatric help. But damn! This family has been through hell. These siblings will never have normal lives, no matter how much professional help they receive. Here is an article breaking down how we can help them. If you guys have found other, legitimate sites that allow us to donate to this family, please link them below in the comments. It’s going to take a lot of financial resources to help them establish a healthy lifestyle, and they deserve it after everything they've experienced.

Quote: “Nothing new can come into your life until you are grateful for what you already have” - Guest on an old episode of The Oprah Winfrey Show

As always, thanks for taking a part of your day to read this. I hope you found some useful information, and if there's a new category that you want me to add to my weekly update/finds, let me know in the comments! I hope you have a lovely weekend! Lots of love my dears!

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