Weekend Reads: Getting in the Holiday Spirit + Fun Weekly Finds

November 16, 2019

Photo by Osman Rana 

Is anyone else as excited about this holiday season and for 2020 to begin as I am? I don't know what caused this sudden shift in my attitude, because I have always been the type of person who doesn't want to start celebrating Christmas until after Thanksgiving. Because let's be honest, Black Friday is my ultimate weakness. But this year, there's something different in the air. My drastic stance on the Christmas before vs Christmas after Thanksgiving debate might be correlated with the drastic winter weather we are experiencing in the northeast. It got cold real freaking fast here. We had like 3 weeks of nice fall weather, and that was it. So instead of being sad that fall ended sp quickly, I'm just going to embrace all the winter holiday activities asap.

We had our Holiday Editor and Influencer event at work this week and that just sealed my fate. I'm in full holiday mode, and it feels freaking incredible. Christmas music makes me happy. Drinking hot chocolate while walking through all the holiday markets in NYC makes me happy. Watching all the painful cheesy, but somehow amazing Hallmark and Netflix holiday movies makes me happy. It's so easy to integrate simple and fun things into your day during the holiday season. I constantly talk about how I am on a mission to add more joy and fulfillment to my life. You know, make positive changes so I'm not miserable. And in my opinion, the holiday season offers so many low-key, yet rejuvenating activities that you can do solo or with friends, family and SOs. It's the perfect season to ignore all the commercial crap/societal pressures and learn what really matters to you. This is where I'll be focusing my attention for the rest of the year. I'm sure some of you can relate.

On My Radar 11.16.19

  • We partnered with popbar at our work event this week and it was amazing!!! There's a cute location right by West 4th St. in NYC. I'm planning to stop by soon, grab a cup and walk around West Village and look at all the holiday decor. 
  • Shopping Cart: Here are all the accessories I’m loving from work right now for the holidays!!

  • I’m copying this holiday makeup look from Ashley Brooke!! But tweaking it to fit my skin tone!
  • Menu: I want to make both of these dishes ASAP. I'm not going to lie; I'm pretty lazy when it comes to cooking but I also want to eat clean, budget-friendly meals. This walnut crusted salmon seems like the answer to my prayers. And this side dish just sounds incredible. 
  • I need this Zodiac necklace. Been wanting to invest in quality pendants because they are my favorite jewelry piece and my set from Madewell tarnished. Need a classic set 
  • So Cute!!! I want this Christmas themed Monopoly board game! I believe Carly the Prepster shared this and I was like "add to cart".
  • Charm School: What a cute post about being charming... but not in like a manipulative, sociopathic way. More of in a "spread kindness" kind of way.  
  • I think I’m more of a townhouse gal than a luxe condo girl… but I wouldn’t be mad about living in any of these luxury high-rises in NYC. Oy … one day haha.
  • Champagne Problems: I need to go to this new Champagne bar in NYC sooooo freaking soon! Champagne is my favorite. 
  • Financial food for freaking thought!! I love reading all the financial diaries that are so popular now. It's so fascinating and usually, I can learn from the smart money moves or financial mistakes of others.  
  • Boss Babe: It’s totally ok if we don’t have a clear career path. In fact, there are a lot of pros to it… thank goodness! 
Thanks for taking a moment to read this post! Your support means the world to me. Wishing you a day filled with love and joy! 

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