Little Luxuries: Making the Most out of Boring Routines

January 25, 2020

Photo by Mgg Vitchakorn 

As I grow older,  I continue to realize how temporary "the bad times" are. Last week, I was not in a very healthy mental space... like at all. But as I sit on this pink, faux suede couch, on the second floor of a new workspace,  waiting for my sneakers to dry from the intense rainstorm, I am in awe at how blissful I am. And to be honest, nothing extraordinary has happened today. I spent all of Friday night alone (which I know I needed in order to reset), woke up early this morning and then headed into the city for dance class and to get some work done. After I leave this office, I'm walking to East Village to cook dinner with two friends and relax. 

At first glance, this summary sounds boring as fuck. I totally admit that, but when you add little luxuries into your routine, the mundane can quickly transform into pure joy. Here are a few things I did to make the past 48 hours more luxurious. 

1. Ordered my favorite meal: On Fridays, I usually head to a dance class after work, but I was feeling particularly run down this week after battling a cold. I knew I needed to spend the night in bed if I wanted to recover faster. So I ordered my favorite meal from my go-to bbq place (Hamilton Pork) and picked it up on my way home from work (I felt less guilty spending money since I avoided delivery fees). Then I started Money Heist on Netflix. Kendra recommended it to me because she knew how much I loved Elite (pretty sure it's the same writers and most of the cast is the same). It was honestly really fun to spend the night relaxing, alone and getting sucked into a new show. 

2. Listened to a great podcast: I wanted to tidy up the kitchen and my bedroom a little bit before heading into the city... but chores are boring af. Thank the lord for podcasts! I love consuming knowledge while also being productive. Very few things make me feel as accomplished and put together. I listened to The Skinny Confidential this morning because it's a pretty balanced podcast and does a great job of providing comical, inspirational, informational and aspirational value. I highly recommend!! 

3. Treated myself to a nice face masque: My skin if freaking the fuck out and I'm thinking it's because of my crappy diet. So I slathered my Jet Lag Summer Fridays Masque on after my dance class. I know it's probably in my head, but I swear that I instantly felt like I could conquer the world. 

4. Took myself out to a healthy lunch: Dig In isn't my favorite, but it did leave me feeling pretty great. I love all of their sides, but my salmon was a tad bit too salty. Regardless, I've missed eating cleaner. Sometimes I forget how incredible healthy food is. I've missed having the energy that comes with clean(ish) eating. 

5. Invested in myself (aka bought a Wing membership): This blogging platform is just one of the many things I have going on outside of my fashion PR job. I have big dreams and feel sooo freaking inspired working in this safe, beautiful and perfectly curated space. Whether I'm planning my next vacation, writing a blog post or mapping out my financial goals, I know I will be 100000% more productive here than in my apartment or at a coffee shop. I'm so excited to start attending the incredible events this company offers as well. I know I probably sound like a broken record by now, but if you have a specific vision for your life, it won't just magically happen on its own. We have to work to create it (while also remembering to rest when we need it). And I know working in an inspiring environment like The Wing will help me do so.  

I hope you find a few small ways to make your next low-key weekend special. Whether you treat yourself to a new outfit or just make tea and light a candle while you drink it, luxury is in the eye of the beholder. Wishing you lots of love and happiness today and every day. And thanks again for reading this post. Your support means so much to me. Until next time friend. 

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