Monthly Muses: January

January 27, 2020

Photo by Jason Leung

Although I'm a tad bit sad to say goodbye to my birthday month, I am ready to see what else 2020 has in store. I really thought I knew what I wanted out of life, but this month has helped reveal to me new priorities in my life. I will always be an ambitious woman, but with each week that passes, I value slowing down more and more. I want to cook with friends and loved ones more. I want to enjoy a bottle of wine with a special someone and engage in stimulating conversation. I want to spend 30 extra minutes in the morning putting on a cute outfit and doing my hair and makeup. I want to go on looooong walks in the park or go on a hike.

I LOVE the energy in NYC, but I also need rest and slow living to balance out the hustle and grind. Life is full of so many incredible moments and we can cultivate incredible relationships if we take the time to do so... that's what I want to focus on this year. As more and more of my cherished friends move away from NYC, I'm really starting to cherish the simpler moments with them. I never would have expected the 26-year old version of me to value slowing down so much - but I know I need both mindful living and constant growth/development to feel fulfilled. Now I'm just hoping to continue to grow my community and attract like-minded people into my life.

As you can imagine, the things I've been gravitating towards this month reflect my slow-living focus shift. So below are a few things that have been putting a smile on my face during this abundant, yet insanely stressful month.

Netflix & Chilling - just to escape for an hour... or three
Money Heist
The Morning Show (Apple TV)
Schitt's Creek

Devin Brugman's Low Carb Diet IG Stories Highlight
Devin is one of my favorite content creators/ entrepreneurs. She is the co-founder of a luxury swimwear line that provided amazing options for bustier women... aka me. And she shared the most delicious meal ideas for anyone who thrives on a low-carb diet... also me. I am excited to get back to this lifestyle. I loved going low-carb last year. But tbh, I didn't make enough money to sustain it and I was lazy to cook that much. But now that I have a higher income and actually want to dedicate time to cooking,  I plan to make her dishes on repeat

I truly have too much freaking stuff. It's a real problem, so I've been researching like crazy to come up with a storage system for my tiny ass room. I constantly get rid of things that I no longer want/ don't inspire me. But when you have a small bedroom and share an apartment with roommates, there comes a time where the issue is the size of the space and not the number of things you own. I love organizing and I love the container store, but I'm not trying to spend a lot of money on this project. I know there has to be a creative solution, and I'mma find it.

I think I like Pinterest more than Instagram TBH. It is just so easy to find an infinite amount of inspiration and helpful info.

Cute Winter Boots/Snow Boots
I am so sick of feeling like an ugly potato every day at work wearing jeans or leggings with my sneakers. I need a pair of comfortable, durable and warm, flat OTK boots that are weather-resistant and affordable. I also need to invest in a quality pair of snow boots that I won't be depressed to wear. Thank the lord for DSW. I'll be purchasing these two items ASAP.

Feathers and Oranza Elements
I love the retro glamour that these two features add to any element. Adding a little extra something to my outfit always puts a smile on my face.  And Boohoo always has fun pieces at a super low price, so I don't have to be irresponsible to enjoy this trend (currently the entire site is 50% off so the prices are even cheaper than what's reflected in my picks below).

Thanks so much for taking a minute to read this post! What's been inspiring you this month?

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