March Mood Board 2020: Muses for the Month

March 8, 2020

Photos: Alexandra Gorn,Zane nicDominik BednarzErol Ahmed

I've come to realize that I am addicted to the feeling of inspiration. I'm sure this is not a trait that is unique just to me. I know this is why I love living in NYC/JC as much as I do. Everywhere I turn, I am surrounded by creativity, art, fashion, energy, ambition and beauty. This city is a breeding ground for inspiration... and I want to spend this month focusing more on the beauty in this city instead of the  headaches and pitfalls that come with working in Corporate America and living in an overcrowded, expensive city. I'm determined to live a fulfilling life, and I know you are too. But we can't do that if we focus on the mundane and challenging parts of life 24/7. Yes, it's important to accept that there are unpleasant parts of life, but it's equally as important to actively seek out even the smallest forms of inspiration and beauty in each day we are blessed with. Those muses will help us live a balanced and fabulous life.

What's been inspiring you this season? I'm mainly excited for spring and to financially prioritize my wants, desires and goals so I can move closer to my ideal lifestyle and career. Of course, I am grateful for everything in my life and become more and more content with my current state of life each day. There is so much that I have to be grateful for.. but we can be content with life and still pursue growth. Growth makes life more interesting anyway.

A Few of my Muses:

  • Listening to Summer Walker's songs while going on a walk
  • Red lipstick 
  • Reading in a coffee shop 
  • Signing up for Pole flow workshops!! 
  • Silky and satin floral dresses! 
  • Choreographing to R&B songs 
  • feather details
  • cooking and dining with friends 
  • wandering through beautiful gardens 
  • sipping tea out of a pretty mug
  • Using an excel sheet to manage my monthly budget - helps me feel in control. 

What's sparking creativity and passion in your life this March? 

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