Future Rich B****: Coronavirus Financial Wellness Resources

March 30, 2020

Photo by Josh Appel 
I want to start off by saying, wow… this is such an insane and scary time. I don’t think any of us expected 2020 to take a drastic nose-dive only 3 months into the year. But here we are, and here we will survive, grow and thrive. I know we are all anxious as fuck, and that’s ok. BUT at the end of this, I full-heartedly believe that we will all be stronger, more appreciative and more compassionate than ever before. I, just like a billion other people around the globe, am FREAKING THE FUCK OUT about my finances and the job market. But because I’m a Capricorn, it’s impossible for me to not obsessively research and come up with a plan to overcome my problems. So I’ve collected a few resources below to help all of us make more money from the safety of our homes, stay up to date on unemployment insurance for all my fellow furloughed or laid-off friends, and feel a little more in control during this chaotic season.   

  • Mental Health/ Motivation
    • TBH, sometimes I get so upset about the current situation that it’s hard to get out of bed, let alone apply for jobs, so here is a relatable post about finding the motivation to take the next step forward 
    • Virtual therapy really does work wonders. Better Help and Talk Space are amazing sources! I’ve used Better Help for over ½ a year and loved it. They are offering 2 weeks of free therapy right now because of Covid 19. 

  • Laid off or furloughed? Here is an article to help calm your nerves. We are going to get through this. 
  • Make money honey: We all need to either replace our income or increase it to add more into savings/pay off debt. Here are a few remote companies hiring. 

  • The Frugal Chef: Saving money by reducing my food budget is my favorite way to save money. Honestly, making a cheese quesadilla with a side of shredded lettuce, greek yogurt (a healthy sour cream dupe) and salsa is delicious and super freaking cheap to make. Add in some black beans for extra energy and fiber and you’re golden. I also like this guide for stretching your grocery budget to the max

Signing off with these two hilarious memes because laughter is a strong form of medicine

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