DIY Beauty Treatments + Plus Luxe Beauty Products On My Wish List

April 3, 2020

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If you have been living life anything like me right now, you’re probably drinking a lot more wine than usual. And for me, the surplus of sugar in my diet (and the insane decrease in physical activity) is causing my skin to freak the heck out...yay me. Since my main source of income is currently on pause, I need to save every penny I can. Because I’m living a little more frugally right now, I decided to research a few DIY skincare treatments that I can make using the ingredients in the kitchen. But I’m not a freaking dermatologist or beauty expert, so if you decide to make any of the beauty treatments below, make sure you freaking spot test them and google if the ingredients you are using are good for your skin type/you aren’t allergic to them. I know that I have pretty sensitive skin, so I know what to gravitate towards and what to stay away from. 

But if you don’t feel like turning your kitchen into a chem lab, I’ve linked to a few products I’ve heard great things about or have used myself. Because if you have the funds (and have emergency savings), why not treat yourself to a nice skincare product. Everything is freaking on sale right now, so might as well take advantage of them if you’re in a healthy financial place.

Pro Tip: I have the Rakuten (was previously called Ebates) chrome extension so I pretty much get cash back from every purchase. It's kind of crazy not to make a free account. I need to download the mobile app so I can save money when I shop on my phone.

OOOOHHH, and please leave a comment below letting me know what your favorite at-home beauty treatments/products are. I’d love to add some things to my beauty wish list/to-do list. Wishing you a day full of tranquility and luxury… from the comfort of your home lol.

DIY Beauty Treatments 

Exfoliation scrubs via YouTube
I want to try this Coconut oil + sugar scrub. I can tell that my skin needs to be exfoliated real bad. And this would be a fun face and full-body scrub. Plus, I don’t have to worry about sun damage post-exfoliation because it’s not like I’m spending much time outside. 

This person uses normal white sugar for her scrub, so I think whatever you have in your kitchen will work.

This two-ingredient coffee scrub looks awesome too! I'm trying both of these scrubs this month. 

Moisturizing serum 
This honey and coconut oil serum sounds lovely! I imagine it would smell like heaven. Apparently, you pair it with this apple cider vinegar toner to balance the PH of your skin.

P.S. apple cider vinegar is a basic staple for me. From stomach issues to lady who-ha issues, apple cider vinegar usually fixes my ish real quick. 

Detoxifying Masque 
This Green Tea & Raspberry Masque sounds pretty luxurious. I'm very excited to try this.

Acne treatment 
I like to use toothpaste or ice to spot treat pimples. Both usually get rid of pimple inflammation for me pretty quickly. Ice works faster for me, but it’s way less pleasant. I used the toothpaste trick this morning and after 30 minutes, the redness was significantly reduced.

Hair Masque 
This avocado hair masque sounds dreamy!! I know this would be hella messy, but half of the time when I buy avocados, they go bad before I can eat them so this will help me be less wasteful.

Lip Treatment
My boss gave me this super luxurious, high-end overnight lip masque for my birthday but I left it at work before the country lockdown!! I love it so much and actually used it during the day too. So now I need to make a lip scrub to use while we are quarantined, and this overnight one looks pretty legit.

Luxe Beauty Products to Try

Thank you for taking a minute to read this post, and extra special thanks to anyone who shops the affiliates links in this post. I only make like 30 cents from a sale, but 30 cents is waaaaayyyy better than nothing. Wishing you and your family happiness and health. 

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