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May 13, 2020

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Dating/maintaining healthy relationships in the modern age is rough. Throw in a pandemic shutdown and wow… like how the f*** do we navigate this? Tbh, I think there are pros and cons to dating during this time. I like that things have really slowed down and the physical aspect is postponed. But, not being able to safely go on a physical date with someone also removes a lot of the excitement.  How will dating change after quarantine ends but social distancing is still necessary? I do not have the answers to these questions. My dating life is a rollercoaster. But you know me, I am the queen of research/consuming content. I love reading and listening to dating advice, and I know I’m not alone. 

Here are a few amazing resources I’ve stumbled upon or friends have recommended to me. Whether you are single af, trying to keep the flame alive with a new potential boo, or taking things to the next level with your partner, these videos, podcasts, articles, quotes and blog posts have a lot of valuable info for all of us. 

What do you guys think dating will look like for the rest of the year? I know that some parts of the country have reopened, but we don’t know what the health ramifications will look like in a month or two from now. I’m so curious to hear your thoughts because like wtf has 2020 been? I need the universe to stop playing these games with us! 

Quarantine Date Ideas For Couples At Every Stage - I think these ideas are adorable. Even with states easing up on their stay-at-home orders, I’m pretty nervous about being in large crowds of people. I know I’m personally not ready to eat inside a restaurant (but I love picking up food and sitting out in the sun AWAY from other people lol)  or to go to a bar and be in close quarters with other people, so I think these ideas are great for couples that want to social distance and connect at home.

Let’s get real… We all have needs. 

Having Fun While Dating - I love this post by Actual Black Mermaid. It’s a good reminder that dating should be fun and when it starts to stress us out, it’s time to take a break. 

Long Distance Relationships during Covid - Business Insider Interview

Jared Freid: Honestly, just binge watch all of his content. I’m so happy my bff Kaitlyn turned me on to him. He is so funny, raw and honest. He’s also on the U Up podcast. Guess I can’t get enough of J Train lmao. But this episode is a pretty great one to start with.  

We Met At Acme: My quarantine roommate turned me onto this podcast and I liked this episode. Although I believe you should do whatever you want with your life/body/your boundaries, I highly agree with the 2 drinks max on the first few dates. It’s a rule I want to implement into my life because I think it will solve a lot of my dating issues - cutting back on my alcohol consumption is honestly something I have to do no matter what to improve my life (I've noticed that I'm pretty depressed the next day if I get drunk and I don't want to live like that anymore - #quarantinerevelations lmao). 

And this isn't the first time I’ve heard that rule (shout out to actual black mermaid). For me, it’s mainly for physical and emotional safety (especially since our health is even more vulnerable until there is a covid-19 vaccine). Sometimes you don’t know if you are having fun because of the buzz from your drink or because you actually connect with the person on the other side of the table/screen. By following this rule, I’ll know that if I decide to get intimate with someone, I’m making the decision from a sober place... aka I won’t regret it the next day.    

Beware of the 5 New Fuckboys During Quarantine! - This article was so funny. The new breed of fuckboys during quarantine… and possibly after.

Dating Diaries: Quarantine Confessions - I haven’t listened to this brand new podcast yet, but it looks funny. I’m intrigued.

Unf*** Your Boundaries - I think most of us struggle with staying true to our boundaries. I appreciated this short but sweet video about unf*****g them

The Future of Dating From… 
SNL’s sketch about what dating might look like in a post quarantine world 
And Wendy William’s + Mario Lopez's take and I mean… she makes some good points. 

Please send me any dating pieces of advice you're loving right now. I'd love to share even more! Wishing you all a lovely and safe day. And thanks for supporting my site. It means the world to me.

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