The Beauty Edit: My Glow Up Wish List

May 4, 2020

Photo by Doğukan Şahin

I have to admit that I haven't always prioritized taking care of my skin and nails. In the past, if I avoided sugar and managed my stress, my skin stayed pretty clear... but as I get older, my skin is changing. And that means it needs waaay more TLC.

My hands and nails are the same way. I used to paint my nails all the time. It was such a fun and relaxing activity, but the busier I became and the more drained I felt, the less I made time to sit down and give myself a mani/pedi at home. I miss looking down at my fingernails and smiling. I've been craving a pop of pastel color on my nails. I'm really loving the Essie Spring 2020 collection. I was hoping I could buy the entire collection in a set, but can't seem to find that. The main colors I want are Feeling Wellies, Spring in Your Step, and Make A Splash. And guess what, I'm weak, so I'm going to buy them. I'll wait to try the other colors though. I gotta draw the line somewhere haha.

As far as skincare goes, I think it is time for me to get a toner and to invest in a face moisturizer. Using normal ass lotion used to do the trick for me, but my skin has been pretty dry during the lockdown. I also want to add a product to tackle all the pollution my skin deals with from living and working in the city. I just want dewy, clear, glowing skin. I do notice that my diet and water consumption have the biggest impact on my skin, but products can help me get what I want faster lol. 

I also have my eye on a few makeup products to achieve this dewy, glowing skin look I'm now obsessed with. I've seen a few beauty gurus using these products and have read a few reviews on each product. I plan to add them to my makeup routine strategically over the next few months so I don't destroy my wallet. I only bought mascara (I swear by Wander Beauty's "Mile High Club" one. It's clean and makes my lashes look incredible! Magic tbh) and two Fenty Beauty lipsticks during the Sephora Spring sale because I am practicing self-control. I am SOOOO excited for the products and samples I'm getting to come in the mail tho. I know I need to prioritize exfoliating and moisturizing so I picked the cult fav Dr. Gross exfoliating sheets and a random face moisturizer. I want the rose moisturizer by Fresh real freaking bad, but patience is a virtue so I shall wait until I hit my next savings goal before I get it. 

What I bought and what I'm sampling from Sephora 

Here is a list of the beauty items I'm prioritizing and saving for this spring/summer. I'm really trying to be more financially responsible without completely depriving myself so I'll buy an item or two at a time while I contribute to my beauty/wardrobe budget to save for the rest. TBH, starting a wardrobe/beauty fund has been the best decision I've ever made. This way I can still treat myself to the things that bring me joy without going into debt or feeling guilty because I already made space in my budget for a little retail therapy. #responsibleshopping

  • Chanel Coco Noir Perfume - been out of this for a few months and really miss it! Need to replace mine
  • Dewy skin drops - this one from Glossier looks fun
  • A brightening and complexion evening product. Gonna do some research on this. If anybody has a good recommendation, please let me know! 
  • Overnight Skin Repair serum - guys the stuff I have by Truly Organic is like magic for my skin! The one I've been using for the past year is discontinued so I'm determined to find a dupe. It always clears up my skin overnight. Dark Magic I swear. 
  • Under-eye illuminating powder - I just want bright eyes. It makes all the difference. 
  • Vitamin C eye treatment- trust me when I say I need this ish. I'm sick of looking like a zombie 
  • I found out about this Illuminating Color Correcting SP 50+ Cream from Lorna Luxe and I NEED IT! She did a try on with one side of her face in the illuminating and the other side with the matte cream and OH MY GOD!! This is at the absolute top of my list. It's exactly what I've been looking for. And it has SPF in it so I won't need to put on sunscreen. Winner Winner chicken dinner 

What's at the top of your beauty wish list? I'm hoping that Sephora and Ulta have more sales throughout the summer... I have a feeling they will. 

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