Frugal Luxuries: Memorial Day Weekend Guide

May 22, 2020

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Who would have thought that this memorial day weekend would be during a pandemic? This year has been pretty scary and intense, so I believe it's extremely important to celebrate every holiday we can. But since we really don't know what the economy is going to look like for the next few months, I believe it is crucial to learn to have fun without going broke or spending a ton of money. We just have to get a little creative. Here are a few ways to make this weekend special while staying frugal. 

First things first. We have to start off the weekend by thanking everyone who has fought to keep us safe. Since most IRL events to honor vets are out of the question, some ceremonies are going to be held virtually. Check this article out if you're interested in live-streaming one.

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Fancy alfresco breakfast or lunch (or do these things inside if the weather sucks) 

  • Fresh flowers in a vase - can pick up affordable bouquets at the grocery store or can pick some from your backyard/the park. This just elevates the atmosphere and gives you another reason to smile while you eat. 
  • Drink out of a pretty coffee mug and eat off a pretty plate - this just adds a little pizzazz and elevates the experience. Trust me. 
  • Wear something comfy and that you feel sexy in. For me that's Vintage lacy satin slip dresses, slip camis and shorts, and fluffy slippers. I love wearing slip dresses because they are effortless and create this regal look. I got mine from Zara last year for like $30 ... an amazing bargain. Slip dresses are popping up everywhere so it shouldn't be hard to find one online (but you probably have something satin-like in your closet or underwear drawer). Walmart and Target also have pretty affordable slip dresses in the underwear section. 

  • Play music while you cook. Maybe you're in the mood for jazz and mimosas; maybe you're in the mood for Megan Thee Stallion and shaking that ass while you cook. Both vibes are really fun. 
  • If you don't want to be alone, setting up a Facetime/Zoom with a friend(s) while you eat is a therapeutic and safe way to feel less lonely.  
  • If the weather will allow it and you have a backyard, rooftop or balcony, eat outside. Getting in vitamin d while enjoying delicious food is seriously one of the best luxuries in life that I do not take advantage of enough. 
  • Drape a white sheet or table cloth over your table while you eat. You can get table cloths at the dollar tree or target for like $1-$3, and you'll feel like you are dining in a chic restaurant (minus the hazardous crowds and pricey bill). Or just bring a blanket and pillows to eat on the ground. That's fun too
Budget-friendly Breakfast/Brunch Menu

  • eggs 
  • blueberries 
  • parsley (mainly for decor lol)
  • strawberries 
  • waffle or pancake mixs (I like to make healthier, low-carb protein pancakes like these from TIU) 
  • turkey bacon
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Frugal & Delicious Lunch Menu 
  • watermelon (or any fruit but watermelon makes me think of summer)
  • sandwiches (try these low-carb cauliflower sandwich thins from Whole Foods. I really love them after they've been toasted for a few minutes) 
  • Popsicles!!!! And you can plop them in a glass of champagne or rosé for a fancy drink. These all look amazing and easy to make. Making popsicles is fun if you have a mold, but Trader Joes has some healthy pre-made options. 
  • carrot sticks. I just like how they crunch.  

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Go on a pretty walk or hike 

  • Bring water w/ infused fruit and snacks to spice up the walk while you stay hydrated.  
  • Listen to fun podcasts, entertaining audiobooks, or put together an upbeat music playlist to enjoy during your time outside.
  • Walk down a new and inspiring street - make sure it's in a safe area and your phone is fully charged. 
  • If you live within walking distance of a park or beach, bring a pen, notebook and colored pencils so you can journal or sketch somewhere along your walk. 


Elevate your movie marathon set up 

The ideal set up would be to watch outside in warm weather and a pre-downloaded movie on your laptop (and a white sheet + movie projector to connect to your laptop to show out). Throw in snacks, blankets, bug spray, sunblock, and a cheap bottle of wine or hard seltzers and this sounds like the perfect evening.

But if the weather is crappy, building a fort in the living room and draping Christmas lights around your area is a great way to change the ambiance and create a cozy space.

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Travel by reading a book
Curling up with a cup of tea or a glass of wine, while you read, is such a peaceful, yet exciting experience. I love to play light piano music, jazz music, or classical music in the background while I read (it makes me feel like I'm in a swanky lounge or coffee shop). I couldn't be more excited to travel again (when it's safer of course) with friends and loved ones to a quaint get-a-way. But until then,  traveling via books is a pretty fun and affordable way to escape reality for a few hours. 

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Wear a festive outfit 
We all have red, white, and blue stuff. Why not get dressed up in a weird or tacky outfit just for shits and giggles. I wish I had USA-themed press-on tattoos that I could put on or USA-themed party favors I could wear. I bet Target has fun stuff in the dollar section. Spending $2-$5 on random themed trinkets at Target is a fun and hella cheap way to make the day feel a little more special. 

Check Out Some SalesI know we should be prioritizing saving a ton of money right now, but I still believe in treating ourselves a little bit (keyword being a little... something I'm struggling to master lol). And there are a few bomb-ass holiday sales right now. I have a few things on my wishlist, so if I find really great deals, I might buy one or two things. Or I might throw the money into savings. Like I said on my IG stories the other day, I set a weekly savings goal for myself, so after I meet it, I feel less guilty about treating myself a little bit. 

Yeah, I could save even more and live on rice and beans right now, but I'm slowly getting better at saving instead of going too extreme by restricting myself, only to end up going on a binge spending spree because I feel so deprived, and then hating myself for not keeping my promise to myself. I'd rather go slow and steady and win the financial wellness race than go hard in the paint temporarily and end up sabotaging myself right after. My weekly treat might be a piece of lingerie (only if it's on sale) I've been eyeing, or it might be buying the ingredients to make boozy popsicles. Both are fun and won't hurt my wallet.

Memorial Day Weekend Sales (Because paying full-price for stuff is annoying) 
Don't forget to use Honey or Rakuten when you shop for the best deals and to get cashback. I have these plugins installed on my chrome browser. And my links above should help you get gift cards or a $25 credit after your first shopping trip. 

  • Target - 25% off patio items & furniture!! YAAASSSS  Plus they are having a ton of sales on other items too 
  • Revolve - Extra 20% off sale items... don't sleep on this 
  • Lulus - 50% off sale items ... um like what! crazy!!
  • Showpo - they keep having random flash sales like every single day so I'd check their IG/ IG stories for codes while you browse. I linked to 10 of my favorite dresses from their sale section - all between $20-$40!!!! I bought the white maxi featured below because omg how beautiful is that dress and for only $26!!! I'll be ready to snatch all the sugar daddies on my next trip to the grocery store. 
Dresses: one, two, three, four, five

Dresses: one, two, three, four, five

Thanks so much for taking a moment out of your day to read this post! I hope you feel inspired to celebrate the holiday during this interesting time. Wishing you all the love and safety this holiday weekend.

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