Baby Let Me Be Your Motivation: Midweek Inspiration + Disaster Relief

September 20, 2017

I wanted to keep today's post short and to the point. My original vision for the post was to just round up my favorite positive quotes and inspiring videos I found this week, but after yesterday's earthquake in Mexico, I couldn't write this post without taking a minute to point out all the ways we can help the victims in Mexico, Texas, Miami, the multiple Caribbean islands, and potentially Puerto Rico that have been impacted by the insane amount of natural disasters lately. 

Below are a few ways to help. Leave a comment below letting me know of other great ways to help out! I'd love to share them in an updated post. 

This has been a weird and upsetting  week for people around the globe. Luckily,  it's already Wednesday, but we still have a way to go until Friday evening. That's why I created the above collage of inspiring quotes. I feel like Fall is too amazing to spend it stressing out (or forgetting to be grateful for everything we have), so I'm going to look at this collage whenever I feel negative, discouraged or upset. I hope it helps you too. And if you need more, here are some more inspiring quotes that Buzzfeed rounded up for us. 

Happy Hump Day! We are going to rock it! Leave a comment below of your favorite inspirational quote! I'd love to read all of them. 

Thanks for reading! 

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