My Happy List: September

September 2, 2017

End of Summer

I start off each morning filling out my happiness planner. It’s basically an agenda mixed with a mindfulness and gratitude journal that helps me set my intentions for the day. One of my favorite aspects of The Happiness Planner is that each month begins with a plan section. One area of the plan is titled “Happy Things I Will Do.” I get excited to fill this out each month because I am given the chance to focus on the cool experiences I want to have each month. Today I’ve sharing my September list with you. 


         1. GO CAMPING
I’ve never been camping before, so this is at the top of my list this month. One of my friends recently told me about Tentrr. This company takes all of the hassle out of camping (think airbnb but for camping)! You choose from a selection of sites (private ones are available too), then Tentrr provides and sets up everything you need for your trip. They even provide outdoor showers and bathrooms, so I'm already sold on the idea. The less work I have to do, the happier I'll be. 

September Mood Board and end of summer activities
Photo by Denys Nevozhai on Unsplash

September Mood Board and end of summer activities
Photo by Katie Smith on Unsplash

For some reason I've been wanting to experiment more in the kitchen. Its like I went to sleep one night and woke up possessed by Martha Stewart. Lately I have this intense need to be an amazing hostess, and part of hosting involves cooking. A year ago I didn't even like cooking eggs for myself. I guess I'm truly growing up. 

There are a few different organizations that hold free screenings of movies outdoors in NYC. I want to make it to a Tribeca Drive-In: Dinner and a Movie on Oculus Plaza screening!

This has been a long process because I’m decorating my new apartment on a budget. The other week, I bought the Hillis shelving unit from Ikea and a few cheap picture frames for my wall gallery, all of which I spray painted gold to match my decor theme. I also purchased a cute rug from amazon (which I later found cheaper at Ikea, so get it there if you can). There are a few other items on my radar that I plan to buy in the next few weeks, and I’ll share in a later post. Slowly but surely, my room will come together.   

Photo by Jeffrey Blum on Unsplash

For the past two years, I’ve cringed every time I heard the name Coney Island mentioned. I went to check it out with a few friends back in 2015 and it was a rough experience. Somehow,  one of my friends managed to convince me to go with him in August, and I have to admit… I actually enjoyed it. The boardwalk was a lot less crowded than the last time I went there and the games and rides in Luna Park  looked fun. It’s been a while since I’ve been to a theme park. 

Photo by Roman Arkhipov on Unsplash

I keep seeing adds for these brunch cruises, and I think it's a sign that I need to go on one! What could be better than live music, a buffet, bottomless mimosas and a dance floor all while sailing up and down the Hudson River on a Saturday afternoon? Absolutely nothing!

I met up with a friend in Bryant park this week and we noticed a painting class going on. I think the class came with a complimentary glass of wine, so I was pretty jealous of everyone in it. I’ve been wanting to paint in the park  ever since I purchased a watercolor painting book and watercolor pencils, but I don’t want my masterpiece to turn out to be basic. Therefore, I need to make an event of it. I want to drink wine and nibble on cheese while I paint with an easel in the park. Why, you ask? Because I’m bougie, and extra and I won’t apologize for it. Life is too short to not make every moment you can special. 

Let me know what you're putting on your list this month! 


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