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September 9, 2017

romance, whimsy and beauty
Photo Credits: Brigitte TohmAlexandra Gorn, Jorge Oliveira, Jenny Rollo 

I have mixed feelings about summer coming to such an abrupt end. Technically, fall doesn't start until September 22nd, but it feels like full on fall here in NYC. On one hand, I do love wearing sweaters and not feeling like I'm about to die from a heat stroke on the subway, but on the other hand, there's something so freeing about the warm summer months. Regardless, this transitional period is one I'm excited about. 

I've been channeling this romantic, dreamy and glamorous vibe for the month of September. I spent almost all of August beating myself up for mistakes I made or for not having all of my shit 100% together 100% of the time. This REALLY impacted my mood, confidence and energy. I've always pushed myself, but I've also always put too freaking much pressure on myself, which is not healthy. I am so ready to rejuvenate by practicing self-care and radiating love all around me. I'm making a conscious effort to enjoy the smallest things this month and pamper myself (on a budget of course). So cheers to an amazing month full of whimsy, adventures and gratitude. Leave a comment below letting me know what's inspiring you this month! Let's make the most out of this September! 

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