Live Well: Weekly Wellness Challenge #1

September 18, 2017

Get more done
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Every time the seasons change, I feel like it's the perfect time for me to reinvent myself or push myself to the next level. This fall, I've decided to focus on a different area in my life every 2 weeks. For this first challenge, I'm going to start off light and easy. For the next two weeks, I challenge myself to prep for each day the night before, and I challenge you too.

So here's the game plan for our night of success:

1. Pick out a cute outfit the night before (even if we're just going to the gym or running errands). Lately, I've really noticed how different I feel when I present myself well verses when I don't try. My energy and confidence levels definitely drop when I don't put any effort into my appearance. Plus, there're so many cute workout/athleisure clothes now, so maybe treat yourself to a new piece.

2. Pack my lunch (and dinner if I'm having a late gym night) the night before! It is too expensive and unhealthy to buy lunch every day at work. I'm so over flushing my money down the toilet and I'm so over being a lazy bum. To make this as easy as possible on us, here is some inspiration for delicious and easy meals to prep this fall.

3. Write my to-do list for the next day! I heard about this trick from one of Marie Forleo's videos, and at first, I was skeptical because I love starting my day with a planning session... but that was when I had a lot of time to get ready in the morning. Now that I have more responsibilities and a lot less free time, I don't have 30 minutes each morning to think about what I want to accomplish that day. If I start creating these lists the night before, I save soooo much time and don't get that insane sense of panic every morning that comes with being behind schedule.

So let's start this challenge today! I'm already proud of myself because I forced myself to go grocery shopping right after work, and now I'm going to meal prep while watching In Living Color (the best comedy show from the 90s) . I'm going to tackle these 3 things, set my alarms for 5:45 in the morning and get ready to reap the rewards. Do I think this is going to be fun... hell no! But I know it will be worth it because your dreams don't magically happen, you have to work for them.

Leave a comment down below each night that you complete this challenge! Let's keep each other motivated and see if this makes a huge difference. I think this will really push us closer to our goals!

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