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March 28, 2018

This post went up a little late. I wanted to post it Saturday, but I kept holding myself back from publishing it. I felt like it wasn't good enough but now I'm home sick... trying to get some sleep and failing hardcaore at passing out thanks to #anxiety. So I figured I might as well get over my fear and post this bad boy right now. Regardless of the publication date, I hope this post brings you joy, laughter or inspires you to make a change this week. And if one of the links I share sparks a conversation, please feel free to leave a comment below. I’d love to hear your thoughts! Afterall, I created this blog to talk with (not to) you guys and share ideas with you guys. Lot’s of love!

Emotional Pickme Up: I don’t know about you guys, but seeing how children and teenagers have come together to make our country a safer place is incredible and inspiring. I will never underestimate children again. The generation growing up right now has access to more knowledge than ever before thanks to the internet, and these kids are driven. I am so confident that our country is going to be stronger than ever with these young leaders. Here’s Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s 11-year old daughter giving a speech at the March For Our Lives rally. I hope this sweet, smart young girl fills you with as much hope as she did for me.  Even if you don’t agree with her message, I think we can all agree that when the youth use their voices to fight against violence, it’s inspiring to see how much courage and passion they have.

Current Events: I’m sure you all saw the video of the young, black male who was executed in his grandparents' backyard. This is another tragic incident that shows how much our country still needs to heal. We are living in a crazy time and everyone is scared. I’m angry that two police officers were so quick to pull the trigger and end a 22 year olds life (even if he was stealing out of cars, he didn’t deserve to die), but I believe that this sad incident will lead to an enhanced training system for police that will help prevent more events like this from happening in the future.  

How to Help: If you do anything today, please take time to watch or listen to this video about fighting global poverty. Leila Janah is creating innovative and creative ways to eliminate poverty by valuing every human life and helping others land jobs instead of just donating money. There’s just so many groundbreaking ideas in this video. I hope you make time to watch it.

Love Actually: I loved this article about spring cleaning your relationship because I’ve never applied Spring Cleaning to anything other than my home.

Menu: I love learning what other people eat during the day to stay fit, and this fitness guru’s diet is amazing! She eats three of my favorite things: eggs, vegan mac n cheese and pasta. She also doesn’t believe in cutting out desserts from your life.

Currently Loving: I've been so obsessed with polka dots lately! I'll share some of my favorite, affordable polkadot finds here on the blog next week. Are there any spring trends you've been obsessed with lately? 

Wanderlust: Here are healthy ways to cure jetlag… I am sold.

More magical travel destinations to make you feel like you’re on another planet

Live Well: According to this article, you can burn a ton of calories through the act of “passive heating” while taking a bath… but the water has to be 104 degrees fahrenheit, so idk if I’m strong enough to handle that yet.

I gave up sweets for lent this year, so this article about cutting back on sugar is the lifesaver I need this week! I was beginning to crack.

Gotta Get My Mind Right: I feel like we all need to read this article about overcoming jealousy with social media constantly leading to major FOMO

Weekly Highs: My boyfriend moved into a really, really nice airbnb in Williamsburg while he waits for his new lease to begin in April or May. So naturally, I mooched and have been staying with him for majority of the week and am spending the weekend there for his birthday. Oddly, staying here has motivated me to work harder because I want to be able to afford a place like this in NYC before I’m 30. It’s been so incredible because I’m basically having a staycation. I’ve been needing a little retreat, and I’ve been needing it badly.

Weekly Lows: So… I did something stupid. I binge watched all 50+ episodes of Buzzfeed Unsolved Mysteries series. The series is sooooo good, but I’ve also been soooo paranoid because every episode dives into a real event. I’m talking murders, serial killers, haunted places and demonic sightings. I’ve been a little freaked out this entire week. But hey, what doesn’t kill us makes us stronger… see what I did there lol.

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