Weekly Finds 3.04.18

March 4, 2018

Happy Sunday friends! I am so excited that it's march because that means we are getting closer to warm weather. It's still a bit chilly hear in the NYC area, but I know sunshine is right around the corner. I've rounded up a few of my weekly finds below. I hope you enjoy them. I've also started including my weekly highs and lows in this series. Why? Because we all know how fake social media can seem at times. I never want someone to look at my life and think it's perfect... it's far from it. When you guys read my blog and take in my different forms of content, I want you all to feel encouraged and like we're in tis game of life together. There's room for all of us to win at life and be happy, so why not win together? In my opinion, that sounds like way more fun that doing this journey alone. So I hope you take a momen't this morning to grab tea, coffee or a mimosa (I'll be having a few this afternoon) and take a load off. 
Smart Money Tip of the Week (Because you’re too good to be a broke bitch): If you’re stressed about paying off student loans, read this. You’re really not alone.  

Shop 'Til You Drop!! Here are some cute, affordable pieces that I've had my eye on this weekend. Just fyi, this section includes affiliate links, but I’ll love you whether you shop the links below or not. 

Give Back: Andrea Pion aka A Slice o Pi is collecting evening and prom gowns to donate to women who can’t afford them. I think this is such a great idea. I remember how expensive prom and formal dresses for my sorority events were, and every gal deserves to feel beautiful on those special days, reguardless of their family's budget. Check out Andrea's instagram if you want to get involved or donate a dress! Plus, her photos are really freaking inspiring, so you should check her out even if you don't have something to donate.

Wanderlust: Here are a few photos of amazing places that are inspiring me to travel. It’s honestly all I can think about at the moment. 
Photos by James Connolly, Jeremy Avery, Johan Mouchet
Grooving To: I’ve been a little obsessed with Tinashe this week. I’ve loved her music for a few years, but I’ve been listening to Faded Love, All Hands On Deck and Cold Sweat on repeat. 

Quiz Time: Eat Your Way Through Europe And We'll Reveal Your Dream City by Buzzfeed

This Week’s Highs: Pushing myself at the gym. I went to an Ass and Abs class and then a pole dancing class immediately after on Tuesday. Guys, forcing myself to go was one of the hardest things I’ve done in a while. I just wanted to go home, eat pizza and watch How to Get Away with Murder, but I kept telling myself that my feelings didn’t mean shit. There was no excuse for me to not get my ass to the gym. I really want a more toned body, and the only way that will happen is through hard work. Y'all… I was on a high after the gym. I pushed myself in both classes, got some new pole bruises, and felt more confident than I have in a while. Sometime the best way to get through a funk is to just push through it.

This Week’s Lows: Missing my aunt’s funeral. I was planning to go but there was a crazy storm on the east coast that resulted in a bunch of Amtrak cancellations on Friday and Saturday. I was going to take the train down to D.C., but mother nature had a much different plan. I wasn’t very close to my aunt who passed, but I certainly wanted to attend the ceremony to support my mom and her other siblings. All I can say is thank the lord for technology such as FaceTime. Even though I can’t be with my family in person, at least we can still see each other’s faces. And my aunt’s death was an intense reminder of how we should not spend our days in situations that make us miserable. We only get one chance at life, so if you’re in a relationship, career or major that you hate, figure out a way to pivot and do something that you love that also pays the bills. It might take a while, but we’ll get there sooner than we think!

Monthly Challenge: Stepping up my digital content game. I really really enjoy writing, styling, editing, shooting and communicating. This blog gives me energy, and I’m ready to commit more time to it. If I have to wake up at 5:30 am Monday through Friday to get some work done before I head into the office, so be it. I want this… like a lot, and I hope you find something that you love and drives you too.

Thanks for taking a moment of your day to read this post. Now go out there and have an amazing day! You deserve it.

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