5 Things making me smile right now

April 18, 2020

Photo by Loverna Journey 

Fun pjs
This cute pj set from boohoo. It was so affordable but I feel so fancy in it! For some reason, I just want to lounge around drinking tea and eating British biscuits when I wear this set... might have to make that a reality real soon.

Candy Striper PJ Set  and HERE again in more size options

Virtual panels
We all know I am addicted to learning/self-growth. There have been so many amazing virtual panels, conferences, Q&As and IG Lives from thought leaders in my professional industry and other areas I'm interested in such as mental wellness, exploring new hobbies, coping with Covid-19, pop culture panels. These virtual sessions always leave me feeling inspired or entertained. This week, I attended a  live panel featuring Kerry Washington where she discussed Little Fires Everywhere... yeah, my week was made. No matter what subjects interest you, you can find live, interactive virtual events featuring them.

Tackling my burnout
I still feel burned out despite having a break from work because I've been emotionally draining myself more than I realize. I keep thinking " I have to be productive so I don't fall behind. I have no excuse not to use this time to build the life I want. I'm going to be a loser if I don't use this time to accomplish x,y and z".... yeah, that neurotic mindset caught up with me real freaking quick. It's important to push ourselves, but I need to learn how to do that in a kinder way. So now I am focusing on monitoring my thoughts and emotions more and realizing that my definition of a well-rounded, fulfilling life keeps evolving.  This video helped me soooo much. I want to do a better job of nurturing my spirit. I know exactly what makes me happy, so now I want to be better at doing those things more often.

Diving into watercoloring
 I want another coloring book, blank canvases and this really pretty watercolor paint set so I'll have more colors to paint with!! 

Waking up early to tidy up, dance and drink coffee
I know. This makes me sound like such a grandma. But I smile from ear to ear every morning after I've cleaned my space and can sit and enjoy my coffee or tea in a clean, serene environment.

I hope you discover 5 things this weekend that put a smile on your face. Thanks again for taking a moment out of your day to read this post. Wishing you lots of love and joy!

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