Weekend Staycation: Easter Edition

April 11, 2020

Photo by Annie Spratt 
I really miss my childhood Easter celebrations… and by celebrations I mean getting an Easter basket from my mom (aka little gifts and candy), wearing a fancy dress and sitting down for a delicious meal. I know that there is a lot of fear and anxiety right now, but I am grateful to be able to see another Easter. Even though this is a highly religious holiday, I think everyone can embrace the spirit of spending this Sunday being grateful for something no matter what your beliefs are. Most of us are all chillin inside, but here are a few ways to make this Easter Sunday a little more special and on a limited budget. 

Watch a Livestream of a church service or an inspiring movie/documentary/Ted Talk.

Pretty much every church has lifestream services right now. I know church sermons usually give me a new surge of hope and positivity. But if you aren’t religious, I find that watching something inspiring is a great way to connect with your spirit and nurture your soul, so to speak. I’m really passionate about fashion, so Fashion Films or old classics are usually my go-to's when I want a little escape. Anything with Audrey Hepburn usually puts a smile on my face. But here are a few fashion films I want to check out. I’ll be pouring myself a glass of rosé and watching one of these on Sunday. I still haven’t seen Phantom Thread! 

Set aside time to craft!! 

Paint, needlepoint, draw, color, tie-die, trace something in a book or on the computer and then use a watercolor kit to paint it. All of these things help us feel more connected to our creative sides. And if you get really good at it, you can start selling your crafts lol. Here’s a link to my quarantine crafting Pinterest board if you want a little inspo.  

Make a fun brunch dish 

Make bunny-shaped pancakes or bunny egg bowl. How cute are these! I’m totally making this with eggs and turkey bacon. It’s cheap, full of protein and easy to make aka, it’s right up my alley. 

Get dolled up. 

Looking like a slob for a month straight doesn’t help anyone feel their best. I will be wearing something colorful around the apartment on Sunday because it’s fun. And if I’m getting a little dolled up, I might as well turn it into a party and drink a little. If you are quarantined with roommates or family, it’s very easy to turn this into a group activity. And if you are hanging solo, just plan a virtual brunch or happy hour with some friends. Also, everyone is having Easter weekend sales so as long as you put money into your savings before shopping, treat yo self just a little. And, all of our social calendars are gonna be PACKED when this is over. 

Treat yourself to a budget-friendly easter basket

Who doesn’t want to spoil themselves a little, right? We are doing our part. We are staying home. So why not reward yourself for getting through another week of quarantine? This is what my ideal Easter basket would include: a luxe face masque, hair masque, foot cream, cute pjs (probably pink) fancy hair clips, a new watercolor set, ceramic easter eggs to decorate, the new coloring/paint book that Danielle Bernstein just released, chocolate eggs and sparkling rose. Oy, a girl can dream, right.  
Photo: Country Living

Get Drunk

Honestly, you’re already home so it's the safest place to be. And it’s been a long freaking week. Why not let loose and have a bottle of wine. I hope you guys have a wonderful Easter weekend 

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