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April 14, 2020

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I wanted to share a few more helpful resources I’ve stumbled upon over the last few days. I know that my personality compels me to research things like a maniac. Knowledge is power after all, and if I’m spending all of this time going down research rabbit holes like crack-head, I might as well put my anxiety to good use and share whatever I find with you guys. I hope these resources help you as much as they helped me! And if you've found a great article, funny meme or think of anything noteworthy that’s been helping you navigate this insane time, please leave a comment below or DM me so I can include in another post! The more resources, the better. 

This is such a moving interview from a holocaust survivor who is also living through the coronavirus pandemic. Perspective is truly everything. Must Read: My Cousin Jack Survived the Unimaginable. Here’s His Advice for Right Now.

It’s hard to know exactly what to say in a period of tragedy/grief, but this video by Marie Forleo is a pretty good reference for navigating heart-breaking situations. 

On Loneliness - obviously it’s increasing and that freaking sucks. But Katie Couric interviewed Dr. Murthy (who was the surgeon general under President Obama) on how to feel less alone at the moment. This is a podcast I’ll be checking out ASAP 

Dealing with Unemployment and depression at the same time? This article is a must-read by a freelance writer going through the same thing. We really are never alone. 

Disclaimer: This is a heavy episode to listen to (and kind of made me feel blah) but this episode of Planet Money dives into what's next for all of us as unemployment continues to sweep across the nation. Very relatable and eye opening. 

Make money honey… from home! 
    1. There’s gonna be a virtual career fair for remote jobs on April 16th!!! 
    2. Freelancers can apply for a Coronavirus Paycheck Protection Loan - and it seems like the loan can be forgiven after 8 weeks if you abide by the requirements. 
    3. I’ve been meaning to check out these two videos for inspo on making money right now during coronavirus because it seems nearly impossible, but in the words of Marie Forleo, “everything is figureoutable”. 
      1. How to make $$ during a recession
      2. How to make an extra $1K a month by starting a side hustle  
    4. James Nord dives even deeper into the PPP Loan program in this Drink with James Episode
    5. Tech companies are hiring like crazy right now
    6. I'm following the #GetHired movement on LinkedIn. From job openings, virtual bootcamps, helpful networking tips and free webinars, this # is a hub for resources. 

This pantry challenge looks like a fun way to save money and stop wasting so much food. 

My friend Katie sent me this song all about chilling out and remembering that (if we are lucky enough to live a long life) we have the rest of our lives to shape it how we want it to be. Refreshing. 

I would just keep checking the NY Times money hub because it keeps getting updated with helpful info.

We should be able to check when we will get our stimulus check according to this article! Starting April 17th, you can check the status here on the IRS site.

My mental health has not been in a great place tbh. It's not like the worst state... but I'd be lying if I said I haven't cried at least once a week. Which is totally expected. Here are the best resources I've been relying on to process everything/ shift my mindset back to a positive state: 
Helpful Videos 

I think it sounds like such a blessing to have a committed partner right now. We all need strong support systems. I have no idea when I'm going to find that guy, and that kind of freaks me out. I like being able to work hard and achieve my goals but there's literally nothing I can do to control when I will meet the right guy (not just a guy, but the right one because we don't settle my friend). Here are a few helpful and funny videos I've been watching (or plan to watch) to help me chill when it comes to my dating life.  

Working out or dancing with other people via IG lives and zoom classes has hands down been my saving grace. It keeps me motivated because the classes are live and it's a nice way to catch up/ chat with others. I know my mental state would not be nearly as stable without these classes.

Here are 3 funny Tik Toks/IG Videos my friends have sent me or I found. Tik Tok is dangerous. It will suck up all your time lol, but its the bit of comedy we need. 

My friend MaryAshlynn sent me this tik tok and I died!! IceJJFish takes me BACK. 
Here is the iconic music video by IceJJ if you've never seen it. 

I’m obsessed with Jessica Wang. I pretty much want to be just like her when I have a family. I think all of her videos are so entertaining such as this one and this one

Here are a few finance videos I want to check out so I can use this time to understand the finance world a little better. No one is going to fix our finances for us. Even if we do receive help from our parents, significant others or the government, that's all temporary. We gotta learn how to take care of our financial lives all on our own, and I know we will master this skill sooner than we think. 

Thanks for taking a moment to read this post and for supporting my blog. It means so freaking much to me. Hope you and your loved ones are feeling healthy and staying safe. 

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